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Is Telekinesis Possible ?Only if You Believe in

Is Telekinesis Possible

Is Telekinesis Possible ? When people hear about things like telekinesis, they often get skeptical. It is a normal reaction to question the authenticity of this, whether it is really possible or it is just a hoax. For several years, people have tried to make quick money out of faking this and that has tarnished the name of psychokinesis¬†for many. ... Read More »

Telekinesis Definition, What is Telekinesis

telekinesis definition, what is telekinesis

Telekinesis Definition Telekinesis definition to be precise is the use of one’s capability to influence the physical system around us, initiating movement of objects or changes in their shape, all without any physical contact. To elaborate further, everything around us possesses some form of energy, it could be kinetic force if it is moving, electromagnetic energy from the electrons within ... Read More »

How to Develop Telekinesis For Beginners

How to develop Telekinesis for beginners

How to develop Telekinesis for beginners I am going to give you the very basics of how you can develop telekinesis. Do remember that this is not something that will come to you easily, it is something you should practice regularly so as to hone your skills and develop them to perfection. The basic requirements to help you develop telekinesis ... Read More »