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Aerokinesis – Airbending Training, Techniques and Exercises

Aerokinesis definition - airbending training, techniques and exercises to get wind powers

Aerokinesis – airbending definition and meaning What is aerokinesis,? The meaning of aerokinesis is the psychic ability to control air with your mind. This superpower it is also known as airbending, and is a form of telekinesis that will lead you to aeromancy. The one gifted with this ability is named airbender, aerokinetic or aeromancer.  Before you can control the element of air ... Read More »

Empathy Importance, Training and Exercises on How to be Empathetic

Developing empathy serves many purposes. Empaths help the world and people in many ways, especially through social work and service to others.  To establish this kind of psychic ability, what is needed is a meditative state of mind that is usually triggered by powerful nootropics. Empathy definition and meaning What is empathy? If one should define it, he/she should take ... Read More »