About Shifter

About Shifter

Have you ever had fleeting thoughts about the Universe, how it came to be the way it is, are we really the only human life? Have you ever questioned our limitations, how far and how much we can extend our influence, our powers?

If you have had some questions about these topics, then you are very much like The Shifter.

The Shifter was only thirty-four years old child when he began to exhibit signs of psychic powers. He turned out not to be just a great fan of comics and games as any other child, but also of telekinesis tricks and mentalism tricks, and with the ability to develop powers like tech super heroes he has always been so fond of. With questions about the human possibilities to practice these powers, he began to learn telekinesis and develop psychic powers such as cryokinesis, psychokinesis and other great psychic powers.

These are also exactly the type of powers and capabilities that we ponder over and that drive us to probe further at dotelekinesis.com. We try to find ways to be able to do telekinesis, not just develop these psychic powers but also hone them to expertise. Being able to tap into your own inner energy and project them to work according to your will, to have things and people around you under your influence.

However, as The Shifter and we realize, these powers do not come easily. Instead, they require great concentration and practice. Which is why we believe in beginning with small steps, and going deep into the development of these psychic powers. From the first step involved in achieving each psychic power till the last step to master them completely, we walk you through hand in hand. Beginning with meditation, the ability to calm one’s self and focus solely on how to develop psychics powers, we teach just that.

Along with acquiring these great psychic powers, The Shifter has also been an avid fan of and working towards opening his senses, sharpening them to be perceptive of all the universal energy around him and harness this energy to achieve the powers that would make him superhuman. By and by as he worked and practiced hard to be able to learn these telekinesis skills, he felt the infamous ‘Kundali Awakening’ which only motivated him to work harder and practice more. While some may often refer to these kundali awakening signs as somewhat dangerous, these are what we at dotelekinesis.com also brief you about and how to deal with them safely. Slow progress is the key towards achieving these great psychic powers and being able to carry them easily exactly when and as you want.

As The Shifter learnt through his journey, he realized it is not hard to do telekinesis or develop psychokinesis abilities, rather it just requires great persistence and hard work. The level of dedication required is the only reason why people stop midway in their journey to develop psychic powers.

So if you want to be able to master these powers like Shifter, have a look at the teachings we provide at dotelekinesis.com and master the art of telekinesis yourself!