Aerokinesis – Airbending Training, Techniques and Exercises

Aerokinesis definition - airbending training, techniques and exercises to get wind powers

Aerokinesis – airbending definition and meaning What is aerokinesis,? The meaning of aerokinesis is the psychic ability to control air with your mind. This superpower it is also known as airbending, and is a form of telekinesis that will lead you to aeromancy. The one gifted with this ability is named airbender, aerokinetic or aeromancer.  Before you can control the element of air ... Read More »

Empathy Importance, Training and Exercises on How to be Empathetic

Developing empathy serves many purposes. Empaths help the world and people in many ways, especially through social work and service to others.  To establish this kind of psychic ability, what is needed is a meditative state of mind that is usually triggered by powerful nootropics. Empathy definition and meaning What is empathy? If one should define it, he/she should take ... Read More »

Telepathy Techniques and Exercises – Telepathic Communication

Telepathy definition telepathic communication telepathy techniques and exercises

 Telepathy definition – meaning – define thought transference What is telepathy or telepathic ? Have you ever felt something about someone and it actually came true? This happens with everyone at some point or the other. This is called Telepathy, wich is a psychic ability, a superpower. It’s a greek word, tele=distant and pathos or patheia= feeling, perception. It is ... Read More »

How to Become Invisible in Real Life For Beginners

how to become invisible in real life for beginners

Invisible – invisibility definition and meaning So what is invisibility? Dictionary defines Invisibility as the state of an object that cannot be seen. The object in this case is known as an Invisible object. Objects are visible when they reflect light. An object becomes invisible when it neither reflects nor absorbs light. This is also known as transparency and is ... Read More »

Psychokinesis Training For Beginners

Psychokinesis training for beginners

Psychokinesis Training For Beginners In many movies, people would have seen many abnormal things performed by the humans. Those characters will be portrayed as super humans with some special powers. When they are watching such things they will get amazed and they will become fans of that character. Those abnormal activities are possible in the movies but in real life ... Read More »

You Can Move Objects With Your Mind

Move Objects With Your Mind

Learn how you can move objects with your mind Generally people will be very curious about the supernatural movies and characters. It is because they are excited when someone is doing the things which are not possible by the humans in the real life. But the researchers have proven that common individuals can also perform few things as the superhuman ... Read More »

How to Get Superpowers in Real Life Easy

How to Get Superpowers in Real Life Easy

How to Get Superpowers in Real Life Easy I am yet to find a person who does not have a favorite super hero from the Marvel Comics or DC Comics. We all have our heroes and a secret list of superpowers we would love to have. While I am not here to tell you that you can become the next ... Read More »

How to Get Telekinesis in Real Life and be a Superhuman

How to Get Telekinesis in Real Life

Learn how to get telekinesis in real life and be a superhuman Can you use telekinesis in your real life? This is a great question asked by several people who have seen psychokinesis. It is possible by practicing certain methods in day to day life. These methods will help the people to really understand the TK concept. Here are some of ... Read More »