How to Learn Telekinesis in 5 Minutes

How to Learn Telekinesis in 5 Minutes

How to learn telekinesis in 5 minutes

If you ask yourself how to learn telekinesis in 5 minutes or how to learn telekinesis in 1 day you should know that is not possible, for learning psychokinesis you need time and patience. One will be amazed if they have extraordinary mental ability to control the things and power.

Well, we have all been there, haven’t we? We have all wished at some point in time that we could keep lazing around and move things without moving an inch. The good news is with practice you can learn to do just that. The practice is known as Telekinesis or Psychokinesis. In this article, I will explain to you how you can learn this.

What is telekinesis

Learn telekinesis definition and meaningBefore proceeding, let me first explain to you what is telekinesis definition and meaning. It is one of the types of psychic power which provides someone the ability to move objects with mind power.  It doesn’t involve any physical means of controlling the objects. This is definitely one of the most dramatic psychic powers of all the ones that are popular. We would have heard lots of factors in internet about this psychic ability. Not all the facts and incidents are true. In this modern world making and spreading fake things is not a tedious task.

The term ‘Psychokinesis’ was first coined in the year 1914 by American author Henry Holt in his book On the Cosmic Relations. The term is derived from the Greek Language. Years later, American Parapsychologist J.B.Rhine used the term extra-sensory perception for describing the information received paranormally from an external source. He, later on, used the term Psychokinesis for the same phenomenon. The word ‘Telekinesis’, also derived from Greek, was coined by Russian psychical researcher Alexander N. Aksakov in the year 1890. As per parapsychology, both the terms refer to the movement of the physical object by purely mental force without any physical intervention.

Before going through any psychokinesis videos or pictures just make sure that whether it’s true or not. Seek for the original source from the internet. If you have confidences then take a try for telekinesis. If you didn’t succeed at the first try, then make sure whether you had correct learning process. Or else find a best alternative for the learning procedure to get the positive outcome.

Most of the people think that telekinesis is only about moving the object. But to the fact it’s all about learning about the objects and its density, size, features, capacity, colors etc. You really need a strong mind and a sharp focus.
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Micro and Macro psychokinesis

Psychokinesis is mainly divided into two categories – macro and micro.

  • Macro Psychokinesis refers to a phenomenon which can be seen with naked eye. It refers to large-scale incidents.
  • Micro psychokinesis, on the other hand, refers to small scale effects which cannot be detected by the naked eye but can only be explained using statistics.

Examples of psychokinesis include levitation, materialization, psychic healing, apports, pyrokinesis, retrocausality, and thoughtography.

You will find a lot of videos and pictures on the internet which will explain telekinesis to you. However, it is very important to know which is the right one to follow. Learning telekinesis requires regular practice and a lot of concentration and strength of mind.

Can Psychokinesis be learned by reading a book? Can you learn psychokinesis by reading a book? Yes, an easy way to learn telekinesis is to follow step by step each advice form online telekinesis books, you can find exceptional guides to unlock your true human powers.  However, I have laid them down step by step for your knowledge.

Learning telekinesis steps:

Learning telekinesis step by step guide

I have laid down the steps of learning telekinesis for you in a simple way to tell you how to become psychic. Follow these to start the basis of telekinesis.

  1. Stay focused

    Keeping focus is of prime importance while learning Telekinesis. Concentration is a key element for any kind of successful outcome. Give your brain enough space and time to set into the targeted work. Staying focused is not a very easy thing to achieve. I strongly suggest practicing meditation. Meditation will help your mind stay aloof from all kinds of deviation. Sit at a quiet place and close your eyes. Concentrate on your inner thoughts and try shutting the outside world completely. In case you find it difficult to concentrate, put on a meditation music and concentrate on the music. You can start with music and then slowly you will be able to meditate without music. There is no way of how to do telekinesis without meditation.

  2. Increase concentration power

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    Concentration is not something you can gain overnight. You need constant practice to master this. You can practice several psychokinesis exercises. The more you exercise, the more you will be able to concentrate. Let me tell you one such exercise. Take a paper, put a dot on the paper and keep it at a distance. Look at the dot and keep your eye on it. Take deep breaths, but do not look away. Keep your thought on the dot. The more you keep looking, the more you will realize that all the deviations around you are disappearing fast. At first, you will see that you are not able to focus for more than a few seconds. However, as you practice, slowly this timing will increase and finally you will be able to concentrate for long without any help.

  3. You can learn psychokinesis in team work

    Surround yourself with people who believe in Psychokinesis. This will help you to stay focused even though you might feel that you are fed up with everything. Form a support group and practice together. You will see, when the team members help each other, the speed and capabilities of each team member will increase manifold. You co-workers will even tell you the weak areas which in turn will help you improve in the long term. Join our forum.

  4. Free of mind

    Knowing that you can perform Telekinesis is half the work done. Remove all kinds of negative thoughts from your mind. So, keep telling yourself that you can do it. The interested people can try this on regular basis to achieve their goals. Imagination It’s a key element as per the telekinesis is concerned. Just imagine and bring it in your thoughts screen whatever you are going to do. Imagine yourself performing this art continuously. This will help you improve while practice as well. At first, you will not find success. However, don’t get disheartened. Keep telling yourself that you can do it, and finally, you will be able to do it. Make sure, you sleep well, eat healthily and have a good bath before starting the training.

It will help you to the core while performing telekinesis. While doing a practise to achieve your goal just keep in mind to pursue it. If you didn’t get the object moved don’t feel frustrated, continue to learn telekinesis exercises with patience. Wash away all the irrelevant and extra thoughts from your brain. Feel fresh while beginning the process and give your 100% involvement.

How to get telekinesis powers fast

how to learn telekinesis fast

If you ask that how to learn telekinesis fast, I need to tell you there is no easy way to do it. Telekinesis is all about exploring the power of your brain. Do you know that normally, our brain operates at 10% of its capacity? However, for performing a complicated procedure like Telekinesis, you need to use more than 10% of your brain. Take the help of brain power boosting supplements which are available in the market to unlock the real power of the brain. These pills are made with a well researched chemical formula which will help unleash the real power of your brain. With the regular use of these supplements, you will may be able to unlock the power to perform this art and will find a marked difference in various aspects of your life.

In this article, I have explained the prerequisite for learning and performing telekinesis. Practice this and once you have mastered the same, come back and read my article on how to learn to master telekinesis. Till then, happy practicing!

Article inspired from Miracle Mastery, best guide to unlock your telekinetic powers.

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    it didnt work pls help i want to be like superman and move things with brain power

    • Probably if you really read the article you will understand why did not work in your case 🙂

  • Ivo Gjoka

    If you want to develop your telekinesis you can use these three easy exercise to start with: 3 Easy Exercises For Development Of Psychokinesis also this other article can come in handy i think: 8 Signs You Have Innate Psychic Abilities

  • PHOENIX1810

    The thing about only using 10% of your brain is actually a myth that has for along time been proven wrong. The first actual statement of this was a man who said ” The normal man doesn’t even use a tenth of their brain capacity” The New york times exaggerated this statement and put it under his name turning it into 10%. The only reason the myth was regarded as truth was because at the time the man who had said it was a genius of his time and one of the high regarded scientists when in reality he was joking around and just trying to make a point since his son became the world’s next mathematical genius.