Message for dotelekinesis fans

Message for dotelekinesis fans

You are here because you share the same beliefs as I do. Something that lays deep down inside you tells you that you are more than a human and that you are different from the others.

What you stand for, what you think makes all the difference, you will become just as you think you are and who you think you are.

In this precise moment, you exist, as a human being, as a heart-beating entity. And you are nothing more and nothing less than yourself. You are the beginning and the end, you are Alpha and Omega. You are one with everything that surrounds you, and everything that surrounds you is one with you.

Without even realising, you communicate with all the elements from around you and everything is answering back to you. The coincidences are sheer answers responding to your guts. Try to touch that infinity, break the boundries and feel the energy surrounding you. You are unlimited in everything and this everything is communicating directly with you and you are connected to many others like you in this “Universal soup”.

You are reading this because many others that are alike you want to know you, to find out about your beliefs, to learn from you and to teach you what you want to learn. I have created this website to find you and, with your help, to create a community forum with others just like the two of us.

A community for all those who believe in psychic abilities that create different kinds of telekinesis, cryokinesis, telephatic, any other super power and law of attraction experiments.

We all know there exists a variety of so called super powers and, in the articles on this website we have tried to explain a bit of them, although we want to know what excites you the most.

I am willing that this website will become your main source of information about all the psychical powers, ways of discovering and improving them. For more quality content I will wait for you suggestions about what kind of psychic abilities you would want me to cover in the articles of this website. Email me at , or find me on facebook: The Shifter.


To improve your beliefs about you, about what you are, I invite you to watch this short video: