Universal Law of Attraction Concept – Cause and Effect

Universal Law of Attraction Concept – Cause and Effect

Most of us have heard about this concept of attraction – the secret law of attraction or the universal law of attraction. I could say that it is not a simple law, but moreover a concept. It is about many laws which together make the foundation of this concept of attraction.

For a better and deeper understanding of this article, it should be read at least twice. It also  could change some of your believes .

There are few people who truly understand this law of attraction. It is not easy to understand, because it implies a strong process of mental clarification of what constitutes the foundation of this concept, and this mental clarification can be acquired only by:

-Knowing the principles which are the basis of this concept – known as The Universal Law of Attraction.

-Initiation when applying the principles of the secret law of attraction.

-The development of a lifestyle based on these principles.

Thinking is a creative energy. It attracts all the necessary elements for the item materialization on which is focused.

Secret law of attraction – cause and effect

Environment and our life experiences are the result of what we usually or always think. Because of this, the secret of any success is concerned about the way we think.

Our inner life is controlled by our minds, and if we discover inner life we can find solutions for any situation we encounter. In other words, we can find the cause of any effect. In this stands the mind power, even in the possibility of controlling and creating everything around us.

What we see in the outer world is the result of our thoughts, the reflection of our inner life, you attract what you are, this is the effect of secret laws of attraction. If we can rediscover the Spring which feeds permanently our mind, we will discover the source of power.

If our inner life is in harmony, it means that our thoughts are also full of gratitude, peace, availability to help others, love, and from all these will result a better outer life in which the conditions of life are improved. This inner harmony is based on our capacity of controlling the thoughts and in choosing the way we interpret the situations we encounter. Love feelings are those which lead to inner harmony, and this is reflected in the outer world.

Wisdom in us has its divine laws, and if we succeed to apply them we can evolve completely and with gratitude. The bound with outer world is objective mind.

The one which controls the mind is the brain which allows us to communicate directly with each piece of our body through the nervous system. It reacts to anything perceived by the eyes, ears, nose, hands and tongue. This perception makes us experience more pleasant and harmonious sensations as it is closer to the truth.

The bound made with outer world is subconscious mind, and the organ of this mind is solar plexus. With our inner we became aware of sensations, such as: joy, emotion, fear, breathe, imagination, love etc. Moreover subconscious, as we know, makes the bound between us and divine mind.

Most spiritual and scientific knowledge proved that there is a capable Source to think. This Source is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and is in anyone of us. In other words, we are manifestations of the Divine Thinking which is the Source of everything. Everything is included in the Mind of God.

The Concept of Law of Attraction

The Goal of the Creation is spreading. In this way, the Divine wants that us, as free spirits to develop the Principle of Love by which Love itself created.

Our ability to think represents the modality by which we can connect to our Source and if we want, we can manifest the Thinking of it.
It is believed that the mind itself is a subtle form of static energy from which is born an activity called thinking.

Divine Mind contains in itself all that we can see and cannot see with the naked eye, all that we can hear and cannot hear with our ears, because it is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. This power is in every one of us, ourselves being creations of the Divine Mind.

This involves the truth that any thought which is generated by human mind, has the tendency to materialize in a suitable form. Therefore, the thought is the cause and any exterior condition is an effect. From this point of view, it is very important to control our thoughts in order to control outer life and to benefit from the law of abundance (ask and it is given).

The power is born in every one’s inner, it is under our control and is developed through voluntary exercise of exact principles.
Who deeply understands this law, of positive affirmation, and by repetition gets to control its thoughts, that is the one who can apply this mechanism of any exterior condition. With other words, he/she can cooperate consciously with the laws of attraction, which represents the most fundamental law that exists.

Unfortunately, most people live exclusively in exterior world. Nevertheless, we live times with big changes and more and more people aim towards inner world realizing that without this inner world, exterior world could not exist. Inner world is creative and everything that exists in exterior world has firstly been created in the inner world.

In order to succeed and have accomplishments, it is essential to understand the relationship between these two worlds. Inner world is the cause and outer world is the effect. If we want to make a change on the effect, then we have also to make a change on the cause.

Life cannot be in the absence of mind. Everything that we see is a mind manifestation from which and with its help were created those which exist, which continuously extend.

If we are able to understand and also apply the law of attraction, we will replace ignorance with wisdom, disagreement with harmony, tyranny with freedom and poverty with abundance.
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The secret law of attraction – follow its simple steps!

Attracting wanted things can be done in 5 simple steps:

1. Realize what you don’t want – we all know what we DON’T want. We don’t want debts, stress, toxic relationships. When we complain, we attract the energy of those negative thoughts.

2. Make sure what you truly want – afford to wish big things! Look around you: nature is abundant! But we limit ourselves to “easy to get” things. Intention has an unsuspected power, but you will see that often it is not enough – the following steps with complete the process.

3. Remove obstacles – let’s imagine that you want an extraordinary relationship, but in the past maybe you suffered and conclude that relationships don’t work. Even if you act, at a certain moment it is possible to find a way to auto-sabotage yourself, because you know that “relationships don’t work” and you want to defend yourself! This step is very important and it is not as hard as it seems. After you have written what you want, wait to see what reasons or obstacles appear in mind.

4.Visualize – this is considered the funniest step. Imagine yourself in the future with your dreams came true. How do you feel? Who are you with? How is a typical day after you have achieved your biggest dreams? Leaving behind the law of attraction, guess how can influence you a negative image versus an inspirational one. How will it energize you, how will you feel when will you expect results and how will you act having in mind the two images?

5. Detach yourself and act with inspiration – This is the most powerful step and one of the main principal reasons why people don’t attract what they want. Detaching means to wish something without being too desperate having it. Do you want to be the best in your field? Very good! First you have to accept that is possible not to be the best? If yes, then you are detached.

After detaching, listen to your intuition and act. Follow your impulses and law of attraction will work for you.
If you feel the need to make a call, do it. If you want to go for a walk, go for a walk! – it is possible to notice something or meet someone who can be helpful.
When we apply the first 4 steps and get frustrated if nothing comes as we want, we actually go away more from our wish. Because detaching from step 5 means to have faith.

Another important thing about the last step: because we have faith, it is not necessary to ask HOW we will obtain what we wish for. Our ego is too limited to see the means, in the Universe there are many possibilities.

Think about this: if your thoughts are not still accomplished, then other thoughts have been accomplished.
Moreover, I recommend an excellent package about the secret law of attraction – “Universal Life Secrets” by Chris D’Cruz.
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