Aerokinesis definition – airbending training, techniques and exercises to get wind powers in real life

Aerokinesis definition – airbending training, techniques and exercises to get wind powers in real life

Aerokinesis – airbending definition and meaning

the aerokinesis airbeding definition and meaningWhat is aerokinesis,? The meaning of aerokinesis is the psychic ability to control air with your mind. This superpower it is also known as airbending, and is a form of telekinesis that will lead you to aeromancy. The one gifted with this ability is named airbender, aerokinetic or aeromancer.  Before you can control the element of air and before you are able to manipulate the wind, you should be able to control your mind first.

To be an airbender is not a joke, and to develop this ability you need strong beliefs in the fact that you can do it. It requires serious and heavy mental work, because the way you think now it must be changed. “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think” this quote is true. In this moment, you, as a human, you are exactly what you think you are, so I strongly suggest you to be careful with your thoughts.

Also, in case you did not know, your beliefs will become your reality. As you can see, your beliefs is the most important factor because your beliefs is You. This You that you are, can be what ever you want to be, just believe that you are. Aerokinetic powers cannot be developed unless you have focus  on your beliefs. This is the only way you can connect with the wind, air element. Practice is also crucial.

Is Airbending Real?

Is aerokinesis aka airbending real

The next big question is, “Is aerokinesis real?” The proof for aerokinesis is not scientific evidence because it cannot be specifically measured by a scientific instrument. Searching trough history I found Moses who was able to do aerokinesis and hydrokinesis. In greek mythology you will find Zeus with the same superpowers. Other Gods with aerokinesis ability are Hadad, Vayu, Thor, Amun, Perun, and Tinia.

As seen in actual YouTube videos, some people demonstrated aerokinesis, moving leaves by creating a natural vortex. Others showed their aerokinetic powers by causing the pinwheel to move according to their will using wind energy. Of course if you watch carefully in  some videos you will even see a leaf blowing machine :). Trust me, no one who has psychic abilities will go media with hes powers, this stuff is your secret. You don’t want your friends to find about it, and I am pretty sure that you will not want to be a guinea pig for the government.

How to Get Wind Powers in Real Life – learn Aerokinesis

How to Get Wind Powers in Real Life - learn Aerokinesis

If you want to learn and develop aerokinesis, then you must first know how to get wind powers in real life. In mastering air bending, you can go outside and spend one hour meditating. You will need to reach  deep stage of concentration, sharp focus is required. This is easier with some powerful study drugs.

Think about how the wind should feel when it hits you from one side of your body. Then, as soon as you feel the wind hitting you in that direction, consciously make it as strong as you possibly can.
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If you want to know how to do air bending in real life, you can start a medium tornado by first meditating for a minimum of one hour while focusing on the feel of the air around you. This will make you connect with the air, and is necessary in performing this activity. Once you have firmly maintained your connection, you must create a feeling of rage in the wind itself. Shape this feeling into spirals or spheres and imagine them spinning around you. This is your medium tornado.

Another effective technique in summoning and blocking the wind is to use the palms of your hands. You must thrust your right hand forward while your palm is facing where you want the wind to blow. Focus and see the wind blow in the direction that you want.

If you want to banish the wind, you have to use your left hand. Thrust your left hand forward with the palm facing the direction of the source of the wind. Imagine that you are being surrounded by a force field larger than you. Use your left hand to direct the force field to block the wind from all sides in order to stop it.

For powering up air speed, you need to try out a technique which is a little bit hard. It involves getting into a stance where you draw in your chi. Now visualize this chi or energy going through your body. Now, see yourself disintegrating and becoming one with the wind. See yourself becoming a part of it. Connect with the wind as you imagine yourself as the chi that combines with the wind. As you do this, the air around you speeds up as it gathers energy from you chi.

Aerokinesis Training, Techniques, and Exercises for Beginners

Aerokinesis Training, Techniques, and Exercises for Beginners

Aerokinesis training and techniques are essential in the development of one’s aerokinetic abilities. You need to master several air bending moves and lessons to train as a student of aerokinesis.

However, the very first thing that you need to master is meditation. This requires utmost concentration. You can boost your brain power and focus through nootropics, thus making it easier for you to meditate and perform air bending.

      1. One aerokinetic technique that you can practice indoors involves blowing air.

        All you should do is place your hands about a few inches away from your face. Keep them around three inches apart with both palms facing each other. Blow air in between both hands. Use the right hand to move the air and use it to push the air towards the other hand. Do it until your left palm feels the force of the wind.

      2. Another air bending move to practice indoors involves meditation and concentration.

        First, turn off all fans and anything around you that produces air. Then, you have to meditate until you have cleared your thoughts. Imagine air blowing throughout the room. Imagine one big gust blowing all around you. The sharper your focus, the faster this technique will work. In fact, there are a number of claims from aerokinesis students that this technique works. Nootropics will also be able to help you with your focus.

      3. Basic hand tornadoes are also another beginner’s technique in aerokinesis.

        The first thing you need to do is to meditate for at least an hour. Then, as you meditate, visualize an energy connection that binds you to the wind. Feel this connection that you have with the wind. As you feel it, control the wind and make it blow in more than one direction. This exercise will make you familiarize yourself with the force of the wind. Visualize tornadoes forming around your hands and by feeling aggressive, strengthen these tornadoes with power.airbeding and aerokinesis drugs

      4. Another basic exercise that you can do related to air bending is making air balls.

        The first thing you have to do in this case is a wind summon by concentrating air energy in your hands. Visualize this energy as assuming the shape of a ball. Gather more air until there is too much air energy. Release this ball of energy if it is already too heavy on your hands.

      5. Another basic air bending move is making an air blade.

        In order to do this, you need to use a special skill to sharpen the air. Gather air energy into your hands and condense this air in the form of a blade. Visualizing a sword or a dagger in your hands would help. The air should assume this shape. After the air condenses, visualize the sharpening of the blade of air until you can feel that it is razor sharp. When it is solid enough, you can then swing it.

      6. Beginners in aerokinesis can also do an air jump.

        First, you should control the air around you, and you gather it. Then jump into the air. As you reach the peak of your jump, visualize air molecules going beneath your foot and condense these until they get hard as stone.

      7. Another beginner aerokinetic exercise is the resistance shield.

        You can do this by visualizing air molecules drawn to you. As they are drawn towards you body, imagine them becoming compact like a shield all around your body. Visualize the shield surrounding your body. Imagine it as having a spherical shape. Every time you breathe, imagine that more molecules are becoming denser and denser. When you actually feel the air pressure on your body, then you have done this exercise correctly.

      8. The air pressure wave is another beginner exercise that makes use of the palm of your hands.

        First, visualize air molecules coming to your palms and stacking up like a wall. The air molecules are bonding in a very compact way in front of you, in your palms. Imagine your hands being filled up and surrounded by air. Feel the air pressure building up in your palms. Visualize this air pressure from your palms blasting the wall in front of you as you push the air out of your palms.

The beginner techniques mentioned above should prepare you for more advanced aerokinesis techniques. One of these is the whirlwind attack. In this case, summon the wind to get around your body. Then, focus great power on the air around you. As the wind pressure builds up, it must be strong enough to lift your body midair. This is the power of the whirlwind in aerokinesis. You need utmost concentration in order to command power to the air for it to lift you up.

The aerokinesis techniques and exercises are inspired from Miracle Mastery, telekinesis training book.


Air bending does not just happen in the film or on TV commercials. It is real. What you need most in order to develop and master all moves for aerokinesis is to focus your mind. Meditation and concentration of brain energy to command wind may need the help of nootropics. Aside from that, nootropics can also help increase your focus in tasks at home, at school, or at work.

Without a conscious effort to direct your brain energy towards commanding air, visualizing it, or consciously feeling its presence, then aerokinesis would be impossible.
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