Astral Projection Techniques – Out of Body Experience

Astral Projection Techniques – Out of Body Experience

Astral Projection Techniques – Out of Body Experience

Astral projection (A.P.) or astral body (A.B. ) separating from the physical body (P.B.) is par excellence a method of expanding consciousness. Once the A.B. separates from the physique, the experiences are limitless: starting from the astral projection in the physical body and going up to the projections in the upper worlds. Of course, everything depends on its own vibration and light. I know is hard to memorize the abbreviations, but this article is also a memory training exercise. In order to develop any psychic ability you need a strong and clear mind. For a better focus on your trainings you should use brain enhancers.

The astral out of body experience occurs every night when we sleep, and the reintegration of our A.B. in the P.B. is made every morning when we wake up. We all have these superpower experiences, we are just not aware of them. The experiences of expanding consciousness through astral projection are known since ancient times, in Egyptian tradition, the shamanic, the eastern and esoteric Christianity.

For these experiments, the neophyte (candidate for initiation) went through some preparations. There are several types of A.P: the first is unconscious, which occurs while sleeping, the half-conscious, which is made from certain types of dreams and the third, the perfectly conscious, occurring at the will of the practitioner.

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Astral projection techniques that show you how to do astral projection:

1. Rope technique – it was developed by Robert Bruce, one of the most representative figures in the phenomenon. The idea was developed for the blind people, and that adds up to tactile senses than visual memory. The technique involves an imaginary cord hanging from the ceiling. While lying on the bed, imagine the rope hanging down to you, and what you do is you imagine that grab the rope or rather your A.B. holding it, and as you get on it, one step at a time, and all at once focusing on the lifting sensation.

Beware of feeling the cord in your hand, and body movement while you pull up the rope of bed, and focus also on the sensations you pulling your arms slowly and surely up. This technique is extremely effective in inducing experience, even for people who have struggled for a long time to see results. Pretty fast, an intense feeling of dizziness is experienced, and the phenomenon is generally instant, keeping the subjects in a state of calm and relaxation during the experience.

2. Ladder technique – Occasionally, people have difficulties with the first technique for astral projection, because they don’t feel like their imaginary hands are strong enough to pull them up to the cord. This may sound a little strange but it is a phenomenon more common than you think! In the case of the ladder technique, you should imagine a ladder hanging from the ceiling, which gives the advantage to use your imagination and legs at the same time. All the other aspects of the method remain the same as the rope method.

3. The technique of changing the visualizing point – it involves you becoming very aware of your physique, and then to know the location of each item in relation to other room in your mind. For this reason it involves a lot of concentration. When this stage is reached, you can begin to imagine that just a few inches above the float physical body first, then to visualize the environment around you from that perspective. The idea is to feel like you’ve walked out of the body, and to be aware of where you are and what you visualize in terms of your body imaginary. Finally you rise slowly out of the body.

This method can be described as a very relaxed form of will. Some mental strength is needed, but we must not allow your figure to become tense. Congratulations, you’ve projected yourself, and once this A.P. method is mastered, it will be easier for you to project yourself in almost any circumstance.

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  • Surendren Naidu

    Astral Projection Techniques – Out of Body Experience
    This really works , I am been practicing for 3 years and experienced it
    But my advice to the one who wanted to try is u should have a strong power of will cause if once u have projected out from body you have to get back into your body , if you fail your heart beat will decrease and you die…and most important advice if u have successfully projected out then dont be scared of looking at your own body and remember once u master it u can only travel in some distance….