How to Become Invisible in Real Life For Beginners

How to Become Invisible in Real Life For Beginners

Invisible – invisibility definition and meaning

Invisible invisibility definition and meaningSo what is invisibility? Dictionary defines Invisibility as the state of an object that cannot be seen. The object in this case is known as an Invisible object. Objects are visible when they reflect light. An object becomes invisible when it neither reflects nor absorbs light. This is also known as transparency and is seen in many naturally occurring materials. Human beings becoming invisible is a one of its kind phenomenon and is a subject of intense research till now.

How to Become Invisible in Real Life

Think about all those incredible things you could do if you were invisible for the human eye. You could enter a room without being seen. You could listen to other people’s private conversations. Also, you could visit friends and people you know and they don’t know you are “spying” on them. You could go to the theatre, to the cinema, to a match or anywhere you want using the power of invisibility.

During history – believe it or not – there were some people who said they can make their bones and flesh “disappear”. These expert masters use mystical powers, metaphysics and occult. They are advanced human beings who discovered various techniques and sacred herbs (nootropic substances) which give them supernatural powers.

Some of them have used magic, others have medium mental abilities. It is weird, bizarre, but apparently it is possible to learn by yourself these type of techniques. Some people say that the secret of invisibility can be learned fast. Others say that it takes years of study, that it happens by accident or they say they can disappear ordering it.
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For thousands years people have dreamt to become invisible. The power of invisibility is present in many different myths from all over the world, being first associated to gods, as a sign of their powers, and then to other big heroes. Now, due to scientific progress of the last 10 years, this ability of the super heroes has been shown in reality – at a lower level – ability which promises that the human being will conquer the invisibility during this century.

Invisibility throughout history

The concept of invisibility has been mentioned for the first time in Greek mythology, being a weapon of Hades God. Hades uses a hat which allows him to be invisible in order to help other gods to win the battle with the titans and to take control of the Universe. The same magical hat is used by the legendary Perseus, who kills Medusa, who transforms people into stone only watching at them.

How to Become Invisible in Real Life
A helmet with the power of invisibility appears also in Nordic mythology, through an item capable of making the one who uses it invisible, this time is about a helmet named Huliðshjálmr. In German legends, in Nibelungenlied, a legendary hero Sigurd uses a robe in order to be invisible.

Invisibility and how to become invisible

Plato uses the idea of invisibility in order to discuss about human morality. In a philosophic work, Plato talks about Gyges myth and magical potions, a priest from Lydia who discovers a golden ring in a cage which has the ability to make him invisible. Gyges takes advantage of this ability to seduce the queen of the kingdom, to kill the king and take his place. Plato uses the power of invisibility to suggest that morality is a social concept, which exists due to the desire of the people to maintain the reputation of being honest and virtuous in society.

How to Become Invisible in Real Life For Beginners supplements

How to be invisible

Sometimes it is good not to attract attention or to be left alone. If you want to be invisible for other people – people to look at you as you wouldn’t be there (unless you hit them, they can see you), try this method. Close your eyes and imagine a shiny sphere of light around you. Then imagine that the light is darker. The colors and shapes around you disappear. You melt into the light, you become part of it, until you also disappear in the circle of light around you.

The optic camouflage – the first step towards invisibility. Try to dress in order not to attract attention on you, try to mingle in the crowd and all time be unseen, unnoticed by anyone, the more you think in this the faster you become invisible. You can have any psychic power if you believe in it. Belief can make someone do anything. You can have any kind of psychic power if you believe in it. So, stay away from disbelievers – anybody who tells you that you can’t. Instead, believe in yourself and that you can do it.

how to become invisible

Invisibility – A simple technique to be invisible

Stay quiet. Close your eyes and concentrate on the feelings within you. Allow consciousness to exist slowly on the inside. Believe it or not, this doesn’t require too much effort. It is a natural and involuntary process. The first thing is to block entirely the environment. Ignore it completely. The next step is to keep in mind the thought where you want to hide. Start visualizing the place in your mind. Concentrate on your inner feelings, forget about the outside world. Do this even if you are in an opened room with other people. Lastly, eliminate all your thoughts. This is not difficult to get because, generally you do this every time you fall asleep. However, there is nothing that a person cannot do with practice.

The first step might be easy if you have meditated before, when you eliminate the environment from your mind. The last part might be the most difficult. Eliminating all thoughts from your mind, while you are completely awake, it is difficult for some people. Do not forget, your thoughts produce energy, which makes you more visible. Do not think, stay still with your eyes closed and you will be invisible. Not literally, but only unnoticed.

J.H. Brennan invented a method in order to stop the energy of thoughts. He says that if you cannot refrain yelling, you can hide from other people’s eyes, being surrounded by a soundproofed screen which rejects any noise. He used the word “yelling” referring to “thinking”. It is called “the wave of invisibility” technique.

Invisibility: How to become Invisible using psychic abilities

With this technique you can be really invisible. You should stay quiet as if you were meditating. Close your eyes. Now imagine you are completed surrounded by a curtain. Imagine that something is hanging above you, hiding you completely. Think about the curtain until you feel its presence, keeping in mind the idea that the curtain makes you invisible.

Now how will you understand if your experiment is successful? It is quite simple. Put a mirror opposite you, beyond the influence of the curtain. Only you will be able to see beyond the curtain but others won’t be able to see you. If you succeed, you won’t see yourself in the mirror.

However, it is to be mentioned that do not expect result immediately. You need to have patience and keep practicing regularly. Over and above this, you can take the help of supplements available in the market to boost your brain power.

Concentration is not an easy task to achieve, especially when our brain mostly are cluttered with thoughts. These pills which are prepared with specially created formula are ideal for bringing out the hidden power of the brain. They will not only help you in this process, they will also help in your day to day activities like your work life or studies.

Patience is a virtue which can teach you a lot of things. Be patient to get results. We have a special Online Forum where enthusiasts discuss their experiences. Join our forum to talk and learn more about invisibility. Article inspired from Miracle Mastery, best telekinesis guide to unlock your psychic powers.

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