Cryokinesis Definition and Training exercises on how to Get Ice Powers in real life

Cryokinesis Definition and Training exercises on how to Get Ice Powers in real life

Cryokinesis definition and meaning

cryokinesis definition and meaningCryokinesis is a psychic ability, a superpower that slow down the movement of particles or atoms in a manner to alter the temperature to the extent of reaching the freezing point of the object. The slowing down of the molecules produces cold since cold is nothing but a lack of molecular energy. The word ‘Cryo’ means ‘the involvement or production of cold’ and ‘kinesis’ means ‘movement’. It is often referred to as Glaciokinesis as well.

Is a proven branch of Psychokinesis which enables you to create ice. Commonly known as ice powers, this is basically the ability to produce ice through manipulation and control of matter. A person possessing this ability can freeze water and create snowflakes and snowballs, freeze water, create hail, slush, icicles, etc. D.C. Comics has a number of character which possesses ice powers including Mr. Freeze, Ice, Killer Frost, Sub-Zero, etc.

Often when people ask how to get ice powers, it is to be understood that for this one has to learn cryo and this start with the very initial training.

Is Cryokinesis real?

Is Cryokinesis real

There are people who ask does Cryokinesis exist because they do not believe it is scientifically possible. Non-believers also ask if it is cryokinesis evil and against God or Christianity.

While there are very little proof or real life evidence of it, but let me tell you the practice does exist. In this article, I will explain to you what this art is and how to learn, do and develop Cryokinesis. After reading this and the advanced step by step tutorials, you will be able to know how to get ice powers that really work, how to freeze water with your mind.

How to learn and develop cryokinesis – ice powers in real life

How to learn and develop cryokinesis ice powers in real life

So how can you become a Cryomancer? To be able to possess cryokinetic powers, you don’t need to know any magical spells. You simply need to train yourself for ice manipulation and then simply practice. There is no superpower that one cannot obtain by regular practice.

I have laid down a brief introduction into Cryokinetic training to help you start off with the art of ice manipulation.
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When we say Cryokinesis training, we are of course talking about ice, and low temperatures. So the first step for anyone wanting to learn Cryokinesis would be to acclimatize themselves to cool environment and to be able to tolerate it. As much as your body is accustomed to cold, you will be able to perform Cryokinesis as better.

To help achieve this level of acclimatization, it is necessary that you dapple in activities related to cold. Like playing with snow, playing with cold waters as you shower or visit a lake or a waterfall if there is one nearby. Basically make yourself used to the lower side of temperatures.

Another thing you should be able to do is maintain contact with chilled objects, or frozen water because that is what you will be working with. Start by holding frozen cube in your hand for as long as you can tolerate, gradually increase this time till until your hand hurts or tingles a little but you must still keep holding it. Increase this time, making sure you do not hurt yourself in the process. You might start from minutes but by and by you will be able to hold it until it melts entirely.

Once you have become used to the cold, sit in a low temperature place and meditate for about 15-20 minutes.

Cryokinesis training techniques and exercises

Cryokinesis training lessons techniques and exercises

All techniques of Cryokinesis begins with a meditation of 15 to 20 minutes. The techniques can cause your injuries so please be careful and do not exaggerate with the training.

    • Technique 1: Imagine the cold around you seeping into your body and spreading across your blood veins. In your mind, you should be an object harboring the frozen energy. Now, dip your hand in a bowl of water and appreciate the feel of the liquid. As you feel the water touching your fingers, concentrate on the composition of liquid conjuring up an image of the water molecules moving. Now, slowly focus your energy in making these molecules and atoms to stop moving. Imagine the cold energy from within you seeping into the bowl, surrounding the molecules and making them slow down until they stop completely. When the molecule movement will stop completely, you will see that the liquid has frozen. This is not an easy thing to do. Keep practicing this and you will be able to see results soon.

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  • Technique 2: In this technique, you will be able to cool down your room to a few lower degrees. But how will you do that? Stand in a comfortable position in the room and feel the temperature around you. If the room is already a little cold, this technique would work the best. After completing the meditation, visualize in your mind that the room is getting colder and colder. Imagine a wave of ice particles emitting from your body and going through the entire room. With practice, you will be able to achieve this. You will see the temperature of the room going down by at least 1 or 2 degrees.

These are the Cryokinesis training for beginners, techniques and exercises.

How long does it take to learn and develop Cryokinesis

Cyrokinesis, like all forms of telekinesis, cannot be learned fast. If you ask me how long does it take to learn cryokinesis, I would say most people master it in 1 or 2 years of rigorous practice. You can’t get ice powers in 1 second or 5 minutes. You need to practice regularly to find results. For being an expert, you need something more than practice.

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They will not only help you excel in this difficult task, you will see a marked difference in your day to day activity. You will find an increase in your efficiency in office work or studies. You will also be able to remember more things than everyone else.

So, work on it. Once you are comfortable, come back to the advanced tutorial about the art of manipulating ice simply by your will power. With proper training, you can gain as much knowledge as to create a blizzard.

Cryokinesis training just like all other forms of learning gets perfected with time and practice. So work at it and once you are comfortable with this, I will teach about manipulating ice just by your will in next tutorials. Till then, happy practicing.
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