How to decalcify pineal gland, open and activate the third eye chakra fast unlocking psychic abilities

How to decalcify pineal gland, open and activate the third eye chakra fast unlocking psychic abilities

Wonder  how to decalcify your pineal gland fast? In this article I will tell you everything you want to know about third eye chakra and some proven decalcifying methods.

Have you ever visited the Vatican or have seen photos of it? You will see that there is beautiful model of a pine cone located in-between two peacocks. Similar pine cones can be seen in the hands of Greek God Dionysus, in the hands of Roman Gods, Bachhus, the pine cones in Free Masonic designs and there are places where even Buddha has been depicted with a pineal cone at the top of his head.

One cannot help but wonder what these pineal cones are actually. Well, they are nothing but a depiction of the pineal gland or what is popularly known as the third eye.

What is third eye chakra and where is located

 third eye chakra definition and where is located

So, what is the 3d eye chakra? It is the mystical concept which refers to the invisible organ which empowers us with perception beyond the ordinary sight. Is located in the middle of the forehead right above the brows. It is closely linked to the pineal gland which is dormant in most people. It’s also known as the eye of Horus. Our mind knowingly perceives a lot of things. It is an extension of the known perception. It refers to the subconscious awareness of what is going on around us.

In the Vedic system, it is called as the Chakra or the wheel of life. The Vedic system also says that the pineal gland is directly linked to the third eye of the Ajna. Now the question comes, what is Ajna. Ajna as per Hinduism is nothing but conscience and refers to a part of the brain which can be used to achieve powerful things, once used to its proper potential. This magic gland leads to a highly sensitive brain and also controls our sleep cycle. It is symbolized by two rose petals.

Have you seen statues of Buddha where the hair looks like a pine cone? The pine cone is nothing but a depiction of this mystical vision as well. In fact, Buddhism has a lot of reference to the pineal gland, if someone understands it well. According to Mahayana Buddhism, in 49 days, a soul is reborn after death. That is the exact time in which a pineal gland develops in a newborn fetus. Through various researches, it has been found that when the Tibetan monks meditate, the activity of pineal glands automatically increases.

What happens when you open your third eye?

what does opening the third eye do

Now let me tell you what does opening the third eye do and what benefits it has. It is directly linked to the 6th chakra or the psychic chakra. As awareness increases, a number of people are getting aware of the chakra third eye psychic powers. This is the sight which leads the path to self-realization. It leads to extra-sensory perception.

The list of third eye powers includes:

An increased awareness of self is one of the main advantages of the opening of this extrasensory vision. Every person has a set of psychic abilities. However, most people don’t have an understanding of it until they experience a spiritual awakening of some kind. This ability is stronger in the case of babies. That is why they are believed to see entities from other dimensions and communicate with them in the baby language. The person grows older, the socium puts restraints to the spiritual connection by installing beliefs and thus this awareness gets suppressed. By opening the chakra, a person can receive extrasensory perception which can either be in the physical realm or in the spiritual realm. One can get the gift of clairvoyance or second sight.

The pineal gland is located at a higher energy field which can only be felt and not seen, tasted, felt, heard or smelled. This is commonly referred to as the sixth sense or the gut feeling. It will be right to say that the third eye unfolds what is unseen and unknown. Of late the Unified Field Theory is gaining increased acceptance. The Unified Field Theory states that we are all connected to each other quantumly. With the growing popularity of the Unified Field Theory, extrasensory intuition is also gaining acceptance.

So, now that I have explained to you what does opening the third eye do, let me tell you how to open the third eye.

How to open the third eye and unlock psychic abilities

Open the third eye and unlock psychic abilities

There are various ways to open this mysterious part of our body. To begin with, learn the power of silence. Spend time in silence letting your mind to calm down, concentrating on your inner thoughts. You can do this through meditation or simply by sitting calmly in nature or being absorbed in something you like to do. You also need to hone your intuition. Try techniques or exercises like lucid dreaming to do this. You can also work on your creativity to unleash the power you have within.

However, the main way to awaken the magical vision is to decalcify the pineal gland and activate the same. The pineal gland is the most mysterious part of our body which is often termed as the ‘gateway to the soul’. A small pinecone-shaped endocrine gland is and has been the source of various myths, legends, and magic. The pineal gland secretes a substance called melatonin which is a hormone derived from serotonin which controls various rhythms in our body, like sleep cycle, hunger cycle, sexual desire, aging process, etc.

Over the years, the pineal gland gets calcified which can result in common problems like confusions, reduced perception, depression, anxiety, delusions, etc. Hence, it is extremely important to decalcify the pineal gland, not just for awakening clairvoyance, but also for maintaining the healthy lifestyle.

How to decalcify your pineal gland – third eye

Decalcify your pineal gland third eye

There are various ways to do this. Begin by reducing processed food. Food containing artificial substances like preservatives, chemicals, pesticides etc leads to calcification of the pineal gland and premature aging. The same applies to GMO food also. Another good way of decalcification is to get more exposure to sunlight. The pineal gland photoreceptors. Hence, the more you expose yourself to sunlight, the more will you be successful in decalcifying your pineal gland.

There is no specific time limit for how long does it take to decalcify your pineal gland. The above processes will take time. In many cases, I have found that people follow the wrong technique of pineal gland activation and end up wasting years on these practices without getting any actual result. If you want to know how to decalcify pineal gland fast, I have just the right thing for you.

A step by step guide on how to open the pineal gland and unlock psychic abilities is available which has been created by experts who have been helping people unleash their psychic abilities for more than 25 years. You can buy the product from the official website. Divided into three defined phases, the guide will help become a third eye psychic. It contains techniques and exercises for unlocking and awakening the chakra and the right ways of meditation. If you follow the same, I am sure you will be able to find the fastest way to open third eye.

How do you know if your third eye is open

Let me now explain to you how to know if your third eye has opened and whether you have gained the third eye psychic powers. When the extrasensory perception starts opening, you will start getting a sensation between your brows. You will feel like someone is lightly touching you at this point, you might feel a slight warmth as well. Most of the times, this sensation appears out of nowhere, it may be possible that you might not be having any spiritual thought during that time as well.

How do you know if your third eye is opening?

You will suddenly see an increase in intuition. Intuition is basically the ability to foresee something before it actually happens. It is a subtle feeling that comes and goes without any previous warning. This feeling will get stronger and stronger as time passes by and will be the guiding principle in our lives. When you feel your personality and perspective in life is going a gradual yet constant change, you will be able to understand that your inner power is open. You will see a sea change in the way you treat other people. You will be less selfish and more forgiving.

The answer to the question how do you know if your third eye is open lies in deeper connection with inner self. Your view of the world will change completely and slowly you will be able to gain strength and confidence. The more your perception clears, the more clearer you will feel regarding your thoughts and the more calmer you will become.

Physical signs that third eye is opening

Physical signs that third eye is opening

I will now tell you third eye chakra opening symptoms. As explained above, the dull sensation between the brows is one of the main physical symptoms of third eye opening. The other symptoms include increased light sensitivity. Bright colors and bright lights will feel a little more bright. This feeling may first begin subtly but will keep increasing with the passage of time. This will slowly lead to increased awareness of things happening around us. Another major physical symptom includes a headache. As the pressure in the forehead increase, you will feel more headaches. Well, to lay down in simple terms, think of this as an energy overload. The best way to tackle this is to get some fresh air.

Once the third eye chakra opens, you will feel signs of awakening. Your perspective, as well as your personality, will change. This will lead to beneficial changes in your behavior towards others. As I said earlier, you will be less selfish and more tolerant.

Dangers opening your third eye

Now that I have told you the benefits, let me give you a warning about the side effects of decalcifying the 3d eye. Pineal gland activation is not free from threats. Increased awareness comes with a price. The dangers of opening your third eye include knowing things that probably you don’t want to know. Once the third eye chakra awakens, you will see situations and people around you in the true light. You might have a connection with some people around you whose different side will be open to you since you will now be perceiving more than earlier. Moreover, you might see a different side of yourself which may not be very easy to accept.
Hence, disappointment or heartbreak are major third eye opening side effects. If you want to explore third eye psychic abilities, you should prepare yourself for these feelings from beforehand.

Follow the guide to unleash your inner potential. Thousands of people have gained from the same over the years, and so can you. Do not underestimate the power of third eye awakening. It can help you lead a better and fulfilling life. You will be able to perceive things better and get a clearer vision. There is nothing that a sorted mind cannot achieve. Unleash your inner potential and live happily.

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