How to Develop Telekinesis Fast

How to Develop Telekinesis Fast

How to Develop Telekinesis Fast

The key behind learning to do telekinesis and developing and honing this skill is to practice a lot and give yourself a lot of time. While we stress upon the fact that you need practice, as much as you can, it is also possible to develop telekinesis fast.

The reason behind making you practice so much is so that you get comfortable around it and get a firm grip over it. However, just as everyone’s learning capability is different so does learning telekinesis vary with time. For instance, some people can develop it with in months and some can learn it within weeks!

The ways to develop telekinesis fast is to firstly have a focused mind and to be able to concentrate and focus easily. You can practice this by taking an object or just staring hard at a random point for as long as you can. Start a stopwatch so you are able to measure what you starting point is, and then try to cross this time with every attempt. If you focus properly and hard enough you will be able to attain a concentration span from 5 to 10 minutes easily. Once you are sure that you can unwaveringly concentrate on an object, move to the next step.

Pick any item now and focus on it. Keep in mind that you should take a small and light object, one that you can focus on easily and lift without using much energy even in real life. Now start to focus on its features for instance its shape, its side. The idea is to get to know the item, to be able to identify with it so well that you can think of it as a part of your body, your soul. This is important because this visualization can help you think that the object is thus within your control just like all other parts of your body are. Imagine that this objects has vibes coming from it which connect you to the item and the item to you. Think of the universal energy that links us all together. Imagining it to be a part of you with hard concentration will help you to move it. You can then will yourself to make it move accordingly, just like you move your arms or legs.

Do not be disheartened if you are not able to do this in your first attempt only. It nearly always takes everyone to make multiple attempts so keep trying. The best part about this is that it depends a lot on your mental capacity. For instance how well you can concentrate, how well you can imagine the object to be a part of your body. And the more you keep trying, the better it will get.

This is one of the fastest ways with you can learn to develop psychokinesis but begin with small objects like a pen or a page from a book so that you get motivated to do more once this works out!

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