Electrokinesis definition and training to learn how to get electric powers in real life

Electrokinesis definition and training to learn how to get electric powers in real life

Electrokinesis definition and meaning

So what is Electrokinesis? Spoken simply, Electrokinesis is nothing but Define eletrokinesis meaningthe psychic ability to have electric powers in real life. It is the micro-psychokinetic phenomenon which refers to the ability of a mind to manipulate energies and electrical current by charging surrounding atoms. Through Electrokinesis, you can manage and control electric charges, electrical currents, and electromagnetism at your will. The one who master this superpower is called  Electromancer.

We all know how dangerous electricity is. It is a energy that can neither be seen or heard or smelled and God save you if you come in contact with it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could control electricity with your mind? You must be wondering is that even possible? Yes, it is. There is a branch of Telekinesis which enables people to control electricity with the power of the mind.

To help one develop these abilities, electrokinesis training is to be provided.

Is electrokinesis real?

Many disbelievers are of the opinion that this does not exist since there is no proof or evidence that this is scientifically possible. In fact, a lot of people also ask if Electrokinesis is evil and against God or Christianity?

If you ask me does Electrokinesis exist, I would say it definitely does. Ever heard of Mr. Ma Xiangang? He is a man blessed with a special power. He can simply hold two electric wires in his hand and light up a bulb.
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A few years back, news emerged of one Ms. Debbie Wolf who could make lights flicker whenever she got stressed. If you think this sounds familiar, electronics acting weird around me or lights are always flickering around me, I would strongly suggest you practice.

How many times your computer works hard and slowly or giving errors and you called a friend to fix it, but the guy told you that your pc is ok and it has no problem? Well , let me tell you something, your pc it’s working slowly because of your mind power,  and you might be blessed with the abilities which others take years to master.

Is electrokinesis real in life

In this article, I will tell you how to learn, do and develop Electrokinesis, how to get electric powers in real life and how to control electricity with your mind. I have also laid down Electrokinesis training for beginners, techniques, and exercises only for you.

Electrokinesis basically has three kinds of modes – Electromanipulation, Photokinesis and Technokinesis.

  • Manipulation of electrical impulses in organic being is referred to as Electromanipulation. It is the practice of controlling materials using electric fields. It is widely used in nanotechnology where electric fields are applied to control nanomaterials since manipulating them is very difficult due to their minute size. This is done through field induced movements or deformations.
  • Photokinesis, on the other hand, is the psychic ability to manipulate light. By practicing photokinesis, you will be controlling electromagnetic radiation which is visible to the human eye, normally emitted by photons. You will also be able to generate, shift, scatter, focus and bend light to different degrees and effects. Photokinesis is generally used for creating illusions.
  • Finally, Technokinesis is the ability to control machines. It refers to a bond that a user develops with machines through which the user can actually use machines as their own puppets. Since all machines are operated by electricity, so, Technokinesis is referred to as a branch of Electrokinesis. Some Technokinetics even use hands for affecting electrical equipment.

How to learn, do and develop electrokinesis

How to learn, do and develop electrokinesis

This has been used effectively in a number of fiction books and comic books including Harry Potter and Marvel Comics. In fact, this has been used in the very first Harry Potter book where a 6-year-old Harry realized he can create and manipulate electricity when the first sign of him being a magician emerged. Later on, J.K Rowling has used this in a number of spells as well. It has also been used innumerable times in various Marvel comic characters.

Interested in gaining this superpower? Let me give you a good news. Everybody can develop Electrokinetic abilities through proper technique. And that involves you too. All you need to know are few techniques and practice them regularly to develop electric powers.

Electrokinesis training for beginners, techniques and exercises

Electrokinesis training for beginners techniques and exercises

So what are the techniques of electric manipulation? Let me lay them down a step by step guide for you to help you become an electric person.

Be Peaceful

Before you begin any form of training, it is necessary to be peaceful and to have a calm mind. Peace is a primary method to earn success, not just in this field but in any field. Being calm and peaceful will open up your mind, helping you to accept the things you plan to attempt, facilitating the learning process. There are various ways to remain peaceful, I am sure you have your own way. We have found some approved ways listed in Miracle Mastery book.

Familiarize yourself with Electrical Sounds

For developing this power, listening to electric sounds and familiarizing yourself with them. This is extremely important step of electrokinesis for beginners. With the help of this power, you will be around electricity all the time. Hence, familiarization will help you exercise greater control over energy.
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Visualize Electricity

I am sure you must be wondering how will you visualize something that is invisible. By visualizing, I do not mean seeing electricity but simply conjuring up an image in your mind. How can you do that? You may look up videos or images of sparks, electrical waves to get an overall view of how electricity travels and how it functions. This will help you visualize and imagine it better. Once this impression is clear in your mind, try to feel the current pulsating through your body. Imagine it by sitting or lying in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Imagine that you possess this ability and the energy flux is flowing through your body like blood. This will also help to reinforce the idea that these powers come from within you.

Feel the Electricity

Simply visualizing is not enough. Along with it, try to imagine that the current is flowing through your hands and legs. Try to feel the current. Imagining this will help you make the energy ball that you will have to eventually make and control. At the beginning, do this by keeping your eyes closed so that you stay focused. Once you are able to do this with your eyes closed, you will then have to do this with your eyes open. Try to project this energy to a bulb and make it light up.

Practice and Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. Results of Electrokinesis is not easily achievable. However, there is nothing that perseverance can not achieve. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to get results and master the art of Electrokinesis. This is not a process that will happen very fast. It will take time, but do not get disheartened. If you ask me how long does it take to learn and develop this psychic ability, I would say it differs from person to person. Keep practicing, the results are just too rewarding to not to.

Boost your brain power

While following all the above methods are important, using your brain to its fullest capacity is also important. Do you know that normally our brain functions at only 10% of its capacity? Electrokinesis is not an everyday phenomenon. Hence, you need to boost your brain power to master it. Take the help of proven mind boosting agents to assist you with these. Pills are available in the market which can help your brain excel.

Developing concentration and focus is no child’s play. A little external help can go a long way in achieving success in this field. These pills can not only help you achieve desired results in this field, they will also enhance the overall quality of life. Through regular use, you will find a marked difference in your day to day activities like office work, studies, etc while you can get the power to fight common problems like occasional memory loss, being unmindful, lack of concentration, loss of interest, etc.

So what are you waiting for? The power of your mind is in your own hands. All you need to do is practice and get a little push through mind developing agents and you will soon find yourself to be an Electromancer, a superhero with electric powers. Keep practicing if you want to learn, develop and master electrokinesis!
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