Electrokinesis Training For Beginners

Electrokinesis Training For Beginners

Electrokinesis Training For Beginners

Electrokinesis is often defined simply as the ability to have electric powers. If you go onto the proper meaning of the word then that is to have psychic abilities that enable one to manage and control electric charges, electrical currents and electromagnetism at your will.

To help one develop these abilities, electrokinesis training is to be provided.

To help answer your question ‘How to do electrokinesis ?’, below are few techniques to help teach you how to develop electric powers.

Be Peaceful

Before you begin any form of training, it is necessary to be peaceful and to have a calm mind. This is important because it not only opens your mind, making it easier to do whatever you attempt but also aids one’s learning process. While you may find several techniques to remain peaceful, we have our own approved ways listed in Miracle Mastery.

Familiarize yourself with Electric Sounds

When you begin to develop this power, listening to electric sounds and familiarizing yourself with them is a necessary step of electrokinesis for beginners. This is because you will be around electricity often and this familiarization helps you exercise greater control over the energy.

Visualize Electricity

By visualizing, I do not mean for you to see electricity but to conjure up an image in your mind. You may look up videos or images of sparks, electrical waves to get an overall view of how electricity travels, what it looks like as it will help you visualize and imagine it better. Once you have this impression in your mind, try to feel this current pulsating through your body. Imagine it by sitting or lying in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Imagines that you possess this ability and the energy flux is flowing through your body like blood. This helps reinforce the idea that these powers come from within you.

Feel Electricity

Along with visualizing the energy pulsating through you, also try to imagine that this current is flowing to your hands and legs and you can feel the current. Keep imagining this as it will help you make the energy ball that eventually you ought to make and control. Once you are able to imagine this easily with your eyes closed, the next step is to similarly do all this with your eyes open. Try to project this energy to a bulb and try to make it light up.

Practice and Practice

Of course you will not be able to see these results immediately so keep practicing as much as you can. The more you practice, the easier it will get for you to get results and master the art of electrokinesis. It might take some time to master this but do not get discouraged. Just keep practicing and soon you will see results that are greatly rewarding!

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