How to Get Telekinesis Powers Fast

How to Get Telekinesis Powers Fast

How to get telekinesis powers fast

Psychokinesis is a kind of ability where the people have the capacity to control the things over mind without any physical contact. One may attain telekinesis power after going through various stages of inducing the power in you. Initially take a low level of practice to know the concept of telekinesis.

How to get telekinesis powers?

  1. Focus on small objects

All you have to do is keeping concentration on small objects initially. It’s advisable to take light weight objects since the focusing is easier for small objects at initial stage.  It doesn’t take more time to practise; just practise as per your convenience. One can move the object to left, right, rotate or scroll as per their wish.

  1. Source of energy

Just take a small ball in the hand and keep the hand near your stomach. Just feel the optimum energy and try to guess the nature of the ball like its size, colour etc. The source of energy felt by the person is usually referred as ‘psi’.

  1. Flame work

Fire is a bit easier thing to control and manipulate as per the mind instruction. Initially light the candle and keep near your eyes at some distance. Now watch the flicker alone without any deviation. Your mind should not be filled with any other thoughts other than the flicker. By having a clear focus you can move the flicker up, down, right or left. Read more about Fire manipulation.

  1. Fitness

Both the physical and mental fitness is a major element for doing psychokinesis. If you are tired physically then you will lose stamina to do various kind of physical work. If mentally tired then naturally one may lose concentration. So make sure that whether you were well and good to handle all the tasks.

Exercise to feel the telekinesis:

  1. Stretching

Just flex every muscle in any one of the hand for 10 seconds. Then relax the hand gradually and try to notice the heat going through it. The energy is obtained by the contraction of the muscles. There lies the telekinesis if one able to control the muscles without any hassles.

  1. Relaxing

Just find a cool and controllable environment. Now stretch out and relax the body for few minutes. Get up gradually where your hair shouldn’t touch your body. One may not require much energy in cool conditioned place. So this exercise is to send the energy out of the body.

  1. Clear cut ideas

Before trying any of the practises have a clear idea on the objects. Decide what you are going to do the object? You can do single activity like moving, rotating or scrolling. So just don’t confuse in between the process rather make a clear idea at the beginning itself.

  1. Time limits

Just have the practice of doing the task twice or thrice per day. More hours of practicing and focusing on single items may lead to minor headaches and irritation do the telekinesis  practice in relaxed way to gain the positive results.

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