How to Bend a Spoon With Your Mind

How to Bend a Spoon With Your Mind

How to bend a spoon with your mind

An aspect of telekinesis is that of bending metal with the power of your brain and through this article I will teach you how to bend a spoon with your mind.

It is important to know that the power of our brain is infinite, and we can influence numerous psychic and non-psychic objects. Of course there is something “paranormal” about telekinesis, bending a fork or any other metallic object which influences in a way, taking advantage of these hidden abilities.

The only reason why people believe in these paranormal phenomena is that during thousands of years, people have forgotten that these abilities exist.

The effect of bending the object with the power of your brain is called psychokinesis. This requires a lot of training and concentration, because our brain has the capacity to be receptive to what we want to learn.

When you decide to learn how to bend a spoon with your mind, you have to focus on its material, visualize its shape and composition. Relax your fingers and say to yourself that the object is nothing than an illusion, that it can be reshaped as you want.

You have to know that it will take you some time in order to succeed you have to be very patient, to believe in your powers and to be perseverant.

Steps you have to follow :

  • Relax as much as you can in your armchair.
  • Free your mind, let other thoughts out.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Easily touch with your finger-tips the edges of the spoon.
  • Visualize the teaspoon.
  • Visualize the energy of the teaspoon.
  • Get rid of unwanted thoughts from your head, so that you have in your head only the item you want to curve.
  • Be one with the teaspoon, feel the energy between your fingers.
  • When you reached that level, use the power of your thoughts, make the item to bend as you wanted.
  • Repeat in your mind the word “bend” three times.
  • You will soon see the teaspoon bending, up or down, or it may twist in any shape or direction.

Congratulations! You bent the spoon with the force of your own thoughts. You succeeded this effect for the first time, now you know it is simple to do and you can do it again whenever you want.

All these tips and steps about how to bend a spoon with your mind and I am sure that they will work for you in improving your telekinetic abilities.

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