How to Develop Psychic Abilities Fast

How to Develop Psychic Abilities Fast

How to get in touch with your psychic abilities

If you are impressed by people gifted with psychic abilities such as: clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, the ability of astral travel, accessing profound memory (there is information recorded from your present life and also anterior existences) or communication with dead people, you should know that you have these special abilities, you only have to discover and awake them!

While some people manifest naturally these abilities, other people work many years in order to achieve them, through spiritual practices.

Do you want to learn how to develop psychic abilities fast or the beneficial powers of subconscious and to experiment phenomena such as clairvoyance or premonition but you don’t have time to work for it? Do you already practice a spiritual method, but you want more effective and faster results? With a minimum effort and maximum efficiency, I recommend you to study and learn information of awakening and improving your undiscovered extrasensory abilities.

Read carefully!

Human evolution and psychic abilities

Human evolution depends also on his ability to self-control. Individual development can be realized through determination and autosuggestion. Brain and psychic’s ability to develop aren’t used by the humans to their true capacity, only 10% is used. The human has psychic powers which allow him to be superior to other living species. These superpowers give the human the opportunity to realize fantastic things which place the human on a superior scale of the animal kingdom.

Everyone wants to rise above their current state of being. Every human wants to attain the maximum capacity of their brains. Normally, your brain is only using 8-10% of its total power. What you need is, therefore, something that will increase its total working power. The answer to that is nootropics also known as study drugs.

This natural natural brain supplements will not only give you increased memory, better health, sharp focus in trainings, but it may also help your brain develop the best psychic abilities . From the creation of ice and fire, to using the mind to lift objects in the air and communicate thoughts to another.

These psychic powers can be activated by anybody who wants them truly through different techniques. Breathing, concentration, meditation, praying, visualizing are the main techniques that can be learned how to develop psychic abilities fast. Many specialists say that a “bad” breathing causes a “bad” oxygenation of the brain, so the brain can’t regulate cerebral functions and causes a blockage. The ability of concentration and studying lowers, and the memory is affected.

Psychic meditation for beginners

psychic meditation for beginners

Praying is an often used technique by monks in order to develop psychic abilities, spiritually. These superpowers give them the possibility to find out other people’s thoughts, to discover the causes of some diseases, to offer the cures of those diseases and even to dematerialize.

These powers are called psychic, but they take part from the category of divine gifts. Many monks achieve these super powers and succeed in helping other people who suffer, who cannot find help with the doctors or any other place.

Many incurable diseases can be cured with the help of these psychic powers and people regained their peace, thanking God for the miracle.

Specialists guide people towards meditation and autosuggestion, trying to make them understand that they have undiscovered super powers which can change their life radically. Priests, church people, guide them to pray and fast, these being techniques of developing psychic abilities.

The brain – the coordinator of physical and spiritual activities

Psychic abilities and human mind

The 3 stages of the human psychic (conscious, unconscious and subconscious) are in a permanent interaction.

According to the recent studies conducted by the scientists, each state experimented on each of the levels of the human beings (physically, psychic, spiritually) finds its correspondent projection in the brain. So, on its activity depends the 3 sub-systems of the human mind.

Any positive transformation, any healing process, as awaking the beneficial powers of the subconscious is produced first in the brain. Also all negative habits, unwanted behaviors and inabilities we experience at a certain moment of our life happen in our subconscious. Its stimulation has as effect the apparition of multiple beneficial effects on spiritual, physical and psychic levels.


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In order to get specific effects in stimulating the mind it is recommended one or two meditation sessions a day. At the beginning you should follow sessions of mental stimulation using the advice from Miracle Mastery.

If you are convinced that there are not major blockages after 3 weeks, you can pass on to stronger techniques. The effects achieved after this type of session are not finished once the stimulation is over. The reverberations produced in the cerebral waves last for weeks, even months with amplifications and reductions which depend on the mental schemes and the functioning pace of any user.

Which are the effects when you are developing psychic abilities?

I consider that results can be achievable depending on the perseverance and commitment you offer to the sessions of learning how to develop psychic abilities.

The effects are beneficial and profound, but their manifestation is due to daily practice. Also, each individual is unique and responds differently to the same stimuli.

From the testimonials of people who dedicated their time studying how to develop psychic abilities fast, it was discovered even in practice, as any other theory, that the effects of cerebral audio-visual stimulation happen faster to some people, while for others are not visible from the first days. Anyways, beneficial changes happen for everybody.

Our experiences have shown that they are related with mystic phenomenon, accompanied by a revelation sensation.

  • Euphoria – is always a pleasant experience and created a special joy.
  • Elimination of disorders caused by the daily problems.
  • Stimulating the relaxing and recovering abilities of the body.
  • Eliminating insomnia and improvement of sleep.
  • Recovering and rejuvenation of the psychic.
  • Normalizing the activity of the brain, regarding the cycle of cerebral hemispheres activity.
  • Quick studying process.
  • Stimulation of memory processes, scientific and artistic creativity.
  • Meditation.
  • Developing and improving intuition and the power of visualizing.
  • Stimulation of undiscovered mental abilities: clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition.
  • Discover and improve the beneficial powers of the subconscious.

Types of psychic abilities – psychic powers

There are many types of psychic superpowers that human can develop. Here is a short list with ones that I like most:


Psychic power cryokinesis super ability

From the word “cryo” which means “producing extreme cold”, and “kinesis” which means movement, Cryokinesis is the power of the mind to control and manipulate the molecules of matter to create ice. The process involves slowing down the molecules in order to produce a lower temperature. When the molecules slow down and finally arrange themselves into solid ice, then you can project this ice ball on something or someone.

Before you can use this psychic ability to freeze, you need to train first through concentration and meditation until you become very spiritual. A brain pill will help you a lot to prepare your mind for the development of this psychic ability.

Learning cryokinesis superpower requires you to train in cold weather or hold ice in your hands. You can use this skill to impress your friends, to actually make ice, or to bring the temperature down on a hot summer day until you feel comfortable. Another helpful technique to developing Cryokinesis is to learn hydrokinesis first, or the ability to make water. With  your belief in this ability, you can do cryokinesis.


Psychic ability electrokinesis super power

Electrokinesis is the ability of the mind to manipulate the movements of electrically charged atomic particles in order to produce electrical currents. It also refers to the ability to make neutral surfaces become electrically charged so as to produce random electrical currents. In fact, if you have this psychic ability, you can manipulate or even absorb electrical energy coming from its natural sources like charged batteries.

Some people may even be able to withstand lightning from the sky to a particular extent. Nootropics will help you a lot in developing electrokinesis. Along with nootropics, those who want to train to have electrokinetic abilities must first get themselves into a peaceful mental state. A meditative mental state is essential to developing almost all types of psychic powers.

For electrokinesis, you should also get yourself to a state where you can mentally imagine the popping and crackling sounds of electricity. Moreover, you need to close your eyes and learn how to visualize electricity passing through every part of your body. Your newfound electrokinetic powers can eventually help you to cook up your next meal. Read more about electrokinesis superpower.


psychic abilities clairvoyance superpower

From the French word “clair” which means “clear”, and “voyance” which means “vision,” clairvoyance is the psychic ability to obtain visual information about a person, an object, a location or an event without the use of the human eyes.

Most cases of clairvoyance are rather spontaneous. For example, many people say that they have seen a loved one just a few minutes after this person has actually died. A number of mothers have also seen their child at the same time that the child is in trouble. These things cannot be explained by science.

The ability to develop the power of clairvoyance is real, and the first step to achieving it is to boost your mental powers. You can do this by using smart drugs in order to increase memory and focus in your training for clairvoyance.

You must also do a number of easy mental exercises that will sometimes require your patience. These exercises include practicing visualization and playing clairvoyant games that involve memorizing objects along with their external appearances and locations. Once you are getting better at clairvoyance, you will notice that you have more and consistent right guesses all the time.


psychic abilities pyrokinesis superpower

Pyrokinesis is obviously the power to manipulate molecules to attain a particular speed that will eventually produce fire. This super power, just like most psychic abilities, needs a considerable amount of brain power and focus.

Brain boosters will help to maximize your focus and sharpen it in time. When you have done that along with constant training, you can start making fire with your mind. The development of pyrokinesis can only be achieved through continuous practice along with meditation and strong, unwavering concentration. Without your daily dose of nootropics, you will not find it easy to maintain and heighten your focus.

A meditative state of mind is also necessary in order to train the mind to create fire. You can do this by focusing on a candle flame and establishing a spiritual connection between your mind and the flame. Then, you close your eyes, visualize the flame that you have just seen and felt its energy surge through your body.

However, to direct your focus and to channel your brain energies more easily towards the development of pyrokinesis, you will need guidance. Read: how to light a candle with your mind


psychic abilities telekinesis superpower

From the words “tele” which means “far”, and “kinesis” which means “movement,” telekinesis is the psychic power to move things with your mind. Also known as psychokinesis, telekinesis means moving objects or lifting them up into the air as well as bending them.

One of the very first steps to developing the psychic ability to move objects with the mind is to relax the mind, clear it and set it in a meditative state. From this, you can begin to strengthen your concentration abilities. In order to make this possible, you need something like nootropics first. Without nootropics, it will take you a much longer and a much harder time to establish a relaxed and focused state of mind.

You need to establish your belief that telekinesis is true. Then visualize the object by mentally connecting with it as if you had an invisible arm that holds it.

You do not think or wish in the process, you just move it with your mind. This constant practice requires not just so much patience but ample brain power that only nootropics can provide.

As you keep improving your concentration and as long as you keep taking your nootropic pills, you will just be surprised one day that you have already lifted a glass of water a few centimeters off the table.  Read: How to develop telekinesis


psychic abilities levitation superpower

Flying and floating are possible if you have the power to levitate. Levitation involves causing a thing or your body to rise and hover in midair without the use of anything external. This phenomenon is believed to have occurred in cases of shamanism and trances. In fact, in Buddhism, it is believed that levitation can be achieved through spiritual meditation and through a totally focused state of mind.

Levitation occurs in Asia as well as in Africa and South America among tribal societies. This is usually performed by shamans after consuming sacred herbs. However, you do not need to be a spiritual adept in order to lift objects in the air.

What you just need in order to begin and eventually develop the power of levitation is a tremendous amount of brain power and concentration. You can either work so hard to achieve it mentally or just take natural brain boosters.

It can increase your concentration powers many times and help you easily develop the power the levitate. Unless your mind is ready for focus for multiple practices, you can never do an authentic case of levitation. Check how to levitate for real


psychic ability telepathy superpowe

Derived from the Greek word “tele” which means “far”, and “pathe” which means “feeling”, telepathy is actually receiving feelings and information from a distance and without any known contact with the source. Simply speaking, telepathy is communicating one’s thoughts and ideas as well as sensations and images to another person with merely the use of the mind.

Telepathy is common in some tribal societies like the Aborigines of Australia as well as in rumored advanced societies, where the psychic power is consciously demonstrated by mystics, shamans, and psychics.

Moreover, at some point or the other, people that share a strong emotional connection would naturally become spontaneously telepathic towards each other. For example, a mother would sense danger for her child who is struggling in the water somewhere else.

In fact, a 2014 experiment by Harvard scientists confirmed the truth of telepathy between two people, one in India and another in France. However, this was aided by wireless encephalogram (EEG) attached to the Internet. In your case, what you need is just a lot of focus and concentration. It is recommended that you use nootropics if you want to save time learning how to develop telepathy. Check our psychic abilities forum for more info.


Whether you are still a beginner or already an advanced student developing your psychic powers, you should understand that the most important thing to have first is strong concentration and equally strong mental powers. You can achieve this easily if you are taking nootropics. Aside from developing your psychic powers, nootropics also help you a lot by giving you a sharp memory at school, maximum concentration during work, and enough energy to improve your life.
You can find more details and information about how to develop psychic abilities fast and what superpowers you can get with the help of Miracle Mastery. If it is read carefully, this how to develop psychic abilities pdf can offer great satisfaction to the person who uses it, causing “miracles” in the daily life, depending on each person’s aspirations. Keep reading.
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