How to Develop Telekinesis For Beginners

How to Develop Telekinesis For Beginners

How to develop Telekinesis for beginners

I am going to give you the very basics of how you can develop telekinesis. Do remember that this is not something that will come to you easily, it is something you should practice regularly so as to hone your skills and develop them to perfection.

The basic requirements to help you develop telekinesis for beginners are:

  1. Focus

Since psychokinesis involves the combination do energies, of your body, the object and the surrounding, it is highly necessary that you put all your focus on to this. This combination of energies is called Synergy, where the combined effect is much greater than the individual forces.

When you focus, you are basically directing your own entire spirit towards psy. Any task you do with your entire concentration is bound to be a success. Start with the aim of focusing for 10 seconds or 20 seconds and gradually increase it to a minute once you feel comfortable.

  1. Power

Moving objects, whether big or small, even with your hands does involve some amount of effort and some use of synergy, is that not true? Similarly when you are moving objects with just your mind, you will require double the energy. So how will you get that power? By practicing. The psychic parts of our brain remain dormant unless we activate them. This can occur if you constantly practice psychokinesis and develop your power. Your strength will initially be just your energy , I will teach you how to expand this energy and make the surrounding energy add to your power.

  1. Control

Of course we know the ever famous line by now, ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. While I am teaching you to develop a form of power, I will also teach you how to control it. The key here is to be able to stop the telekinesis at your will. You should learn to exercise control over your mind through the concentration, your body and spirit which are responsible for your psychic energy.

Just as you learnt to target your energy in moving objects, you should learn to focus your energy into stopping them too. You can immediately lose target and let all objects drop from mid-air or stop moving but that is not at all like the graceful miracle you are expecting to learn. So once you have mastered to focus on psychokinesis, practice to slowly focus on stopping it too.

  1. Harmony

Now that you have learnt to focus, gather your spirit strenght, and control your synergy, the next step would be to do all these altogether. Begun slowly, first concentrate on making the objects move. Once this is achieved, now slowly begin to expand your synergy by taking some in from the environment. Last, try to bring them to a gentle stop.

Practice this regularly, as this will bring all the main components of telekinesis, your mind, body and soul into harmony.

Make sure you start small and practice regularly so as to achieve better flow and master this art to perfection!

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