Levitation Definition – Training and Techniques – How to Levitate and Fly in Real Life

Levitation Definition – Training and Techniques – How to Levitate and Fly in Real Life

Levitation definition and meaning

Levitation definition and meaning

So, what is levitation? The dictionary defines it as a process by which an object is held in the air without any mechanical support. It is accomplished through an upward pull that contradicts with the laws of gravity. It is also accompanied by a small stabilizing force that pushes an object to a home position when it is a small distance away from it. This stabilizing force can be anything – fundamental, magnetic or electrostatic or even a reactive force like optical, buoyant, aerodynamic or hydrodynamic.

While explaining levitation definition and meaning, it is important to mention that it does not include floating on a liquid since the liquid provides direct mechanical support. It also excludes flights by insects, birds, helicopters, rockets and balloons because they all have their own counter gravity force.

Levitation and psychic powers

Presently, levitation is seen as a psychokinesis phenomenon, a superpower, in which objects, humans or animals are lifted into the air without being touched, making them float above ground. Many of the levitation cases can happen spontaneously, while some magic adepts say that these episodes can be consciously controlled.

It is commonly known as ‘Flying Power’ and has attracted the curiosity of scientists world over. Today, science has become advanced and scientific explanation is available for this flying phenomenon. Earlier, this was seen as an evil.

Levitation is one of those mysterious phenomena even nowadays when the human brain has become the most fascinating organ for scientists around the world who try find out how to levitate for real. Researchers don’t stop in wondering about the abilities humans have, but we still don’t know how to use them to full capacity.

How often do we think that it would have been good if we were birds? How often do we want to fly? Well, what if I say there is a way to fly in real life?

There is a technique by which you can lift yourself in the air only by willpower. Not with the help of any external object, but simply with will power. It is a mysterious phenomenon which fascinates scientists all around the world. It is a matter of extensive research since it involves the brain, the most complicated of all human organs.
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Is levitation possible in real life?

Is levitation possible in real life

If you ask me is levitation is real or does levitation exist, I would say it definitely is. There is proof that it is scientifically possible. The techniques are widely used in physics and there is definite evidence of success. However, for getting an answer to the question is levitation evil and against God or Christianity, I am not sure about the answer of that.

It can be of various kinds. The most commonly seen form is Magnetic Levitation. Apart from this, there are Electrostatic, Aerodynamic, Acoustic, Optical and Buoyant. Out of this, the magnetic type is the most common.

Magnetic Levitation

Magnetic Levitation is now being researched to be used for transportation systems. It is being used for suspending trains without touching the track. This enables the trains to run at very high speeds, greatly reducing the maintenance requirements for tracks and vehicles since wear and tear is minimal.

Naturally, there is no friction, so the only force acting against it is air resistance. Due to lack of friction, they are potentially faster, quieter and smoother than wheeled mass transit systems.

Electrostatic Levitation

In Electrostatic Levitation, an electrical field is used to counteract gravitational force. In Aerodynamic Levitation, the results are achieved by floating an object on a stream of gas, which is either produced by the object or acting on the object. With sufficient thrust, large objects can be levitated using this method.

However, Hovercrafts do not use powerful down thrusts to achieve stability. Instead they rely on producing a region of high pressure underneath them. Acoustic levitation uses sound waves as the levitating force, while in optical levitation the force from photon momentum transfer is used as the levitation force.

There is another technique known as Gas Film. Here, an object is levitated against the gravitational force by floating on a thin gas film formed by gas flowing through a porous membrane. This is most commonly used in air hockey where the puck is lifted by a thin layer of air.

Real human levitation

Real human levitation

Levitation was seen differently on 2 continents which describe different cultures: Europe and Asia. While for Europe this psychic power was a demonic effect, in Asia it was considered an art, when only those initiated and experimented people could practice.

In Eastern religions, one of the differences between Gods and people was that the first have flight gift. Many magicians, fakirs, yogi , solitary or Brahmin people impressed the public with their abilities, conquering gravitation and breaking many laws of Physics.

The first testimonials about this superpower appear in India and Tibet area, around the year 527 i.e.n. It is said about the Buddhism founder, Bodhiharma, that he visited a Tibetan monastery of Shaolins to teach them how to use their energy for levitate. This practice was assigned to Buddha and his mentor Sammat, which it was said he could levitate for hours.

The art of levitation wasn’t lost among the monks from Asian areas, its secrets were well-known and shared for small groups of individuals.

“Floating” cases in Europe

Even if European people didn’t know the spiritual techniques necessary for levitation, they had something in common with those living across the world: most cases in Europe had as subjects people involved in religion service, one way or another, many of them being canonized after death.

Besides Asian people, which were practicing this art consciously, the Europeans tried some king of religious euphoria which allowed them to fly, without being aware of that.

The first proof of this is the case of Teresa, a nun, who was convinced she had a special gift, describing this sensation as coming suddenly, and in order to escape from this sensation, she was feeling as being carried by a cloud or a huge bird. After the flying effect she was feeling extraordinary, as if her physical body didn’t exist. Such an episode happened in the presence of 250 priests, astonished seeing Teresa levitate above the ground.

A famous Christian “flyer” is Joseph Desa, canonized 4 years after his death, under the name of Joseph de Cupertino (1603-1663). He is one the most famous Roman-Catholic saint seen levitating. It is said that before he could levitate he consume sacred herbs.
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Mediums have the power of levitation

One of the mediums who had this paranormal power, is the famous Daniel Douglas Home. He said he could levitate many times during 40 years. In 1868 he was seen levitating, getting out of a building through a window from the third floor, then getting in the building on the same window. This extraordinary episode was attested by 3 guys: Lord Lonsay, Lord Adare and captain Wynne. One of these guys was a minister and the other an astronomer.

The medium Italian Eusepia Paladino could also levitate. He had other paranormal abilities too, he could increase or decrease the weight of objects in front of him.

However, scientists don’t have a clear explanation for this unusual phenomenon. “Flying” cases are still considered exceptions, having the name of “miracles” of mysterious events which combat the laws of Physics.

Some researchers say that this paranormal phenomenon is the result of the interaction between bio-gravitational field and human brain’s energy.

Learn how to levitate yourself for real – levitation training

Learn how to levitate yourself for real levitation training

Now let me tell you a basic technique to learn how to levitate yourself for real and develop levitation. Follow these steps for learning to levitate:

Clear your mind: To begin with, clear your mind. You can either do Transcendental meditation or any other meditation technique. Transcendental meditation is a simple and effortless meditation technique to calm your mind, increase creativity and enhance brain functions. You can also do a psychic meditation which will help in developing your psychic gifts. Nootropics, the study drugs, will help you achieve a deep stage of concentration and a sharp focus. They will also improve your daily life, read more about it.
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Exercise: Exercise or practice yoga regularly. This will help your body to stretch and relax.

Get proper diet: Follow a proper diet. Proper hygiene food is essential for purifying the body. Psychic gifts are usually flourished in a purified body.

Trust your instincts: Trust your ability and trust that levitation can be achieved. Don’t doubt your abilities. Believe that you can do it.

Visualize: Visualize that energy is flowing through you and you are feeling lighter and lighter. By using the visualization techniques, see yourself lifting off the ground. Hold that image for sometime and then let your body return to ground gently. Doing this everyday will definitely earn you results. In Miracle Mastery,  learn psychokinesis pdf, you will find a step by step guide about how can you develop this psychic ability.

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