How to Move Things With Your Mind For Beginners

How to Move Things With Your Mind For Beginners

How to move things with your mind for beginners

Moving things from one place to another or to change TV channels with the power of our brains? How many of you haven’t dreamed yourselves in such a situation?

How to move things with your mind for beginners – now is your chance to learn!

Psychokinesis refers to mechanical actions from the distance on material objects. So, it is needed a subject capable to push things without touching them, with the help of the brain.

Researchers in this domain say that we are very close to master this ability of our brains. They say that there are proofs that the technology of brain’s waves has reached to a very high level which years ago seemed impossible, at least for human beings.

There are many simple exercises which can be easily followed in order to learn how to move things with your mind. Some experts say that it is good to start learning telekinesis when you are very young. At early ages our senses are not altered, and also your body and spirit. Try to clean as much as you can your mind and body from negative thoughts.

The secret of psychokinesis is maximum concentration and relaxation.

Here is an telekinesis training about how to maneuver things with your thoughts – PSI Wheel

  • First of all, build a PSI Wheel from a piece of paper, which should look like a pyramid spinning freely on the top of a needle.
  • Sit very relaxed on a chair in front of a table.
  • Relax as much as you can.
  • Get rid of stress, free of any other thoughts.
  • Focus on the PSI Wheel, only: close your eyes and imagine how the wheel is spinning.
  • Open your eyes and visualize how the wheel spins.
  • Don’t try to touch it in any way, or it will stop or slow down.

As any other ability, telekinesis can be learned in time. Try every day in order to get experience. Most important in learning how to move things with your mind for beginners is to be patient, perseverant and very determined.

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