How to Move Things With Your Mind For Beginners

How to Move Things With Your Mind For Beginners

How to move things with your mind for beginners

Moving things from one place to another or to change TV channels with the power of our brains? How many of you haven’t dreamed yourselves in such a situation? Think how good it would be if you had the ability to move things with your mind. Isn’t it? Well, this is no more a fiction. You can actually learn how to control things with your mind and move articles simply with your thinking. This is phenomenon is known Telekinesis or Psychokinesis. In this article, I will tell you what is this practice, and as a beginner, how you can develop this power.

To begin with, let me tell you what is Psychokinesis. It refers to mechanical actions from a distance on material objects. So, it enables a subject to move things without touching them, with the help of brain power. This is a matter of deep curiosity among scientists especially because it uses the unexplored portion of the brain.

How to move things with your mind for beginners supplements

Although Psychokinesis has been historically criticized due to the lack of controls and repeatability, there remains definite evidence that this is possible. Scientific researchers reveal that the technology of brain’s waves has reached to a very high level which years ago seemed impossible, at least for human beings.

This phenomenon is basically divided into two categories as per Parapsychologists – Macro Psychokinesis and Micro Psychokinesis.

The macro one refers to large-scale psychokinetic effects that can be seen with the naked eye while the Micro one refers to effects that need statistics to be detected. Examples of psychokinesis include levitation, psychic healing, pyrokinesis, apports, materialization, retrocausality, and thoughtography.

How to move things with your mind easily – your chance to learn!

How to move things with your mind easily

So, how can you develop Psychokinetic abilities? There are many simple exercises which can be easily followed in order to learn how to move things with your mind. Basically, you need to train your brain to learn to how to move things with your eyes. Some experts say that it is good to start learning telekinesis when you are very young. At early ages our senses are not altered, and also your body and spirit. Keeping a clean mind and relieving yourself of negativeness are a pre-requisite for learning Psychokinesis.

First, you need to prepare yourself to practice telekinesis. The below steps are requisites to prepare your brain to movie things with your mind:

Believe that it’s true

I have already explained before, stay away from negativity. In fact, staying away from negativity is a good practice to follow in general about life. Believing you can do something is half the work done. Our heart believes what we tell our brain. So keep telling yourself that yes you can. You can achieve what you want to achieve and see how that helps you in the entire process.

Learn to concentrate

Gaining success in telekinesis has a lot to do with concentration. You cannot move an object with your mind unless you concentrate. Stop thinking about anything else, leave all your stress and worries behind. The more you concentrate, the more are the chances of a positive result. Relaxing, in general, is a good idea.

Enhancing your brain function – train your mind to move objects

How to move things with your mind supplements
Our brain normally operates at 10% of the full capacity of the brain. However, for doing Telekinesis in the right way, you need to enhance the power of your brain. To help you with this, you should take the help of some brain boosting supplements available in the market which will help you explore the full potential of your brain. These supplements which usually come in the form of pills are created after years of research. Their specially prepared chemical formula enables the brain to perform more efficiently. With regular use, you will not only see that you are able to achieve success in telekinesis, you will also find a marked difference in your daily way of life.

The art of visualization is a major key to success.

Close your eyes and start visualizing things around you. Unless you practice this, it will be very difficult to telekinesis in the correct way. Meditation is another precondition to do this right. In fact, meditation is the most important thing which can fetch you results. Focus your energy only on objects around you. Practice keeping all your thoughts away. If you find this hard to achieve, listen to some meditation music. Put on your earphones and simply focus on the music. Slowly you will see all your worries will go away.

The secret of making things move with your mind

The secret of how to move things with your mind

Now let me tell you how to move objects with your mind step by step. Below are the things that you need to follow one after the other:

Here is an telekinesis training about how to maneuver things with your thoughts – PSI Wheel

  • First of all, build a PSI Wheel from a piece of paper, which should look like a pyramid spinning freely on the top of a needle.
  • Sit very relaxed on a chair in front of a table.
  • Relax as much as you can.
  • Get rid of stress, free of any other thoughts.
  • Focus on the PSI Wheel, only: close your eyes and imagine how the wheel is spinning.
  • Open your eyes and visualize how the wheel spins.
  • Don’t try to touch it in any way, or it will stop or slow down.

There is no specific time within which you can expect positive results, it varies from person to person. Some people can do it within a few weeks, while others take months and some even years. Patience and believing that you can learn how to move things with your hands without touching it is the key. A tip to develop the capability faster is to start with small objects because moving small objects take a considerably lesser amount of energy.

Practice is the key to success. With proper practice and a little help from the supplements, there is no reason why you won’t be able to achieve success. Keep practicing and once you have mastered the basic steps come back and read my blog on advanced training on psychokinesis.

As any other ability, telekinesis can be learned in time. Try every day in order to get experience. Most important in learning how to move things with your mind for beginners is to be patient, perseverant and very determined. Till then, keep concentrating and keep practicing!


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