How to Use Telekinesis for Beginners

How to Use Telekinesis for Beginners

How to Use Telekinesis for Beginners

Telekinesis is a phenomenon that is an open invitation for everyone. It does not have any prerequisites or requirements that would keep someone from attempting to perform TK. If you are new to psychokinesis and are unsure as to how to use telekinesis for beginners, then read on and this is precisely for you.

The crux of using telekinesis is learning to be able to concentrate for longer durations on an object. Concentration in psychokinesis means focusing unwaveringly onto the task at hand. Living in today’s world when we have multiple gadgets to distract us all the time and leading a multitasking life, asking someone to focus with no breaks would require a lot of stamina. To help out in how to use telekinesis for beginners, it is a great idea to practice meditation.

When you meditate, you are basically leaning how to set your mind free of any worldly thoughts or concerns that would disturb your peace. You are able to learn how to control your mind and also to keep it clean of any thoughts. That is exactly what psychokinesis requires of you, this is the first and very important step in learning how to use TK for beginners.

You have to keep your mind clear of any other thoughts except that regarding the object in front of you and what action you want it to perform. When you meditate, you are able to control your thoughts and focus easily. Another important part of TK is to be able to visualize the object to be a part of your body, your soul so you are able to control it. You can begin to prepare yourself for this by brushing up your visualization and observation skills.

Pick any random object daily and observe it closely. Take in any and every detail about it and visualize it. You can start from the main parts like its shape, its weight, its color and material and then go on to the more precise details. Visualize what it feels like, whether it is cold or warm, what it would smell like, what it would taste like. Once you are able to visualize these tiniest details, you will be able to familiarize yourself easily with any item and feel it connected to you enough to make it move according to your will.

Another thing that you should be mindful of is to believe that you can perform telekinesis. You will often come across several non-believers of psychokinesis who might discourage you or even make fun of you. Ignore them and do not let your confidence break. If you really believe in something, only then you will be able to achieve it. Steer clear of any such negative thoughts as these take away too much energy that you should be utilizing in psychokinesis.

These are the perfect ways to begin your journey towards learning how to use telekinesis for beginners. Not only will they prepare you how to perform psychokinesis with ease but will also teach you how to open your mind and allow your energy and that of the objects’ to synchronize.

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Start with these basic steps and be patient, you will see the results. Remember the fruit of patience is the sweetest!

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