Is Telekinesis Real ?

Is Telekinesis Real ?

Is Telekinesis Real ?

Nearly everything good in life is either disbelieved immediately or seen with speculation. That is from where the phrase ‘Too good to be true.’ actually came from. It therefore comes as no surprise that most of us are always doubtful about the fact that is telekinesis real or not.

The disbelief and speculations regarding psychokinesis keep arising because of people who claim to be telekinetic a often turn out to be frauds. For instances James Hydrick, rapidly gained popularity as he claimed to be a psychic and would prove his telekinetic abilities on television shows. His public demonstrations however failed multiple times on various television shows and he was deemed a fraud. Similarly there have been several other people who declared that they could perform TK and have been declared fraudulent. These kind of incidents have given TK a bad name and made a lot of people doubt as to whether it really exists or not.
If you come to think of it then psychokinesis can very easily be explained scientifically.

Look up any definition of telekinesis and you will find it being described as use of ‘universal energy’ or ‘personal energy’ to move objects. Using energy, converting it into other forms is very much possible according to science so makes sense. Had it even defined as ‘creating energy’ or ‘building energy’ then that would have been an absolute impossibility and some thing we would not even believe in even for a second. But since it is very much supported by scientific theories and facts, the question that is telekinesis real will have an answer in the affirmative.

There have been some researches to prove that psychokinesis is possible, one of the most notable and large scale studies is the one that was carried out in Princeton by Dr. Jahn and Dr. Roger D Nelson. The study has shown that psychokinesis is a very much possible phenomena.
So why is it that this psychic power has not been proven in more studies or demonstrated at least? This is similar to asking that why have we not found aliens as yet. Both have the same answer: we do not have the right resources yet to prove these kind of things. It is currently beyond our scope but that in no way means that we can not prove it. Hopefully some day when we have made the necessary advancements it will be possible.

For now, to perform TK is highly dependent on your belief in it. If you believe that telekinesis is possible, that you can perform it, you will be able to do it. However, if you believe the opposite, you might not be able to perform it at all. This is because psychokinesis requires a certain level of determination and concentration, both of which are only possible if you believe in it.

So while the question that is telekinesis real might linger in other people’s minds, you must decide what you believe on your own. Our set of beliefs dictate our actions so choose your beliefs wisely.

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