Is Telekinesis Scientifically Possible ?

Is Telekinesis Scientifically Possible ?

Is telekinesis scientifically possible ?

The ability of moving the objects with the help of the mind power is called telekinesis. There are people who believe this TK as an ability of the psychic in the human mind. But these facts are not proven scientifically. It is said to be very elusive still today and scientific evidence is not provided for this extra power in human beings mind. But many people search for the answer for the question is telekinesis scientifically possible ? But is definitely no and the real facts are given below. Read these facts and understand the nature of this psychic power in man.

A fraud and fakery activity

Usually telekinesis is just a fraud and fakery activity done by many people. Many researchers doing study on this psychokinesis has approved that the data for these deeds are found to fall short of the scientific standards and proofs. Even the mechanism of moving the object or bending it with the help of the human brain is not yet found. It is also said that the waves from the brain cannot extend from the skull after certain millimeters. These waves can only come around few millimeters and this law is said to proven in the physics.

Lack of scientific demonstration

This concept of moving the object with the help of the mind power is said to seen as ability in the early 1800s. These activities are said to be performed as trickery as possible. It is done by hiding the wires with the black-clad in order to make the objects to be untouched and moved in front of the audience. All the magicians do these tricky jobs to attract the people but as days passed it then started to be a true and natural fact done by the human beings mind.

Only a myth

These tantalizing ideas are just said to be a myth. All these are thus proved to be just a myth and the fact of the brain is that the entire brain is not effectively used by the human beings. This fact is scientifically proved and thus this makes that psychokinesis are just a myth and not true facts or activities performed by the human brain.

Magnetic resonance imaging- a functional activity

This magnetic resonance imaging in the human brain says that the majority part of the brain is unused and thus there are no new areas found awaiting assignments which are not yet emerged. People who have the real ability to move the objects with the help of the power will also have the extra power to do many imaginary tasks than this telekinesis. They will also not waste their valuable time in laboratories by testing their mind ability and they have a great chance of becoming rich than everyone in the world because of this activity done. Or maybe this is a secret and we should not know about it?
Thus all the above said tasks says that people just do fraud and fakery activity to make others mesmerized towards them and thus the question  is telekinesis scientifically possible  is all depends on your beliefs.

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