Kundalini Awakening Symptoms and Dangers

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms and Dangers

Kundalini awakening symptoms and dangers

Kundalini is known as the spiritual energy or ‘shakti’ in Hindu language. It is the primal energy which by many yoga teachers or meditation gurus is said to be residing at the base of the spine. Once it is awakened, it is said to bring enlightenment and bliss to the person. Kundalini awakening has its very prominent features and this phenomenon is explained to scientist on the basis that once the energy at the base of the spine travels up to the brain there is a sudden transcendental meditation. For Kundalini a strong mind is required.
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This awakening symptoms are often describe as extremely dangerous without a guru, might even stay for years and some say that they are so vigorous that they can even lead to death sometimes. Hence, here are a few Kundalini awakening symptoms and dangers.

Awakening symptoms often presents as sudden muscle twitches, jerks and/or cramps. These muscular spasms are also accompanied by feelings of immense energy rush in whole of the body. The energy rush is so major that a lot of people claim to practically feel electric current passing through whole of the body.

Other common symptoms of the Risen Kundalini are feeling extremes of temperature. The beginner can either feel very cold or very hot. There can be intensified or diminished sexual desires.

The involuntary movements are so sudden and awfully jerky, that the condition is often diagnosed as epilepsy. The person might shaking and start moving very unusually while sleeping or sitting comfortably somewhere.

It is often claimed that the person with an awakened Kundalini feels a lot of inner force pushing outwards. The force can be such that it changes the body posture into something else, or the force can be within the skull such that the person feels a lot of intracranial pressure.

There are problems with the digestive system. The person might just completely give up food for days and then there might be a spiked up appetite all of a sudden. With that, other common manifestations of a Risen related to the cardiovascular system are palpitations and chest pain.

There is not only a possibility of chest pain but might be a lot other kinds of pain. There can be pain or numbness in legs or feet. After hyperactive episodes, the person feels highly fatigued.

Other symptoms while awakening vary highly from human to human. There can be either great mental confusion or terrifically good mental perception about things. There can be deeper understanding of spiritual teachings, or insight to one’s own pastlife memories.

Awakening symptoms often associated with peace and enlightenment is actually dangerous. The very famous meditation gurus explain the basis of danger such that a lot of times a severe outburst of inner energy like this can have negative instead of positive results on the human body. Kundalini is tagged as the most dangerous form of yoga, because it is the highest step of meditation and keeping in mind its potency a human shouldn’t practice it right away.
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