Psychic Awakening Symptoms 4 Important Signs

Psychic Awakening Symptoms 4 Important Signs

Psychic Awakening Symptoms

One of the most rewarding feelings in the world is to receive the fruit of your hard work. This is why it is crucial that one should know the psychic signs so they are able to recognize them. It is the result of your hard work and sincere efforts which you will be able to feel, making one feel elated and satisfied with their efforts. It also provides motivation to continue with their training and practice.

So what are the psychic awakening symptoms that you might experience?Read on to find out

Feeling of Pressure or Heaviness

You might feel a sensation of increasing pressure around your head, more particularly in the middle of the forehead. While it will not be painful, it might be slightly discomforting. This psychic sign actually means that your mind is opening up to your internal energy, to the universal energy and becoming sensitive to the energy around you. This will help you effectively use these forms of energy as you perform telekinesis, psychokinesis or any other psychic task. The way to utilize these forms of energy are explained in great detail in Miracle Mastery to help one tap into their powers.

Feeling Intuitive

You might suddenly begin to feel as though you are becoming double minded with regards to your attitude towards people or when making decision. This is not because your decision making abilities are getting affected but your instincts are sharpening, you are becoming more intuitive. So if you feel reluctant to do a task you might have been eager about before, or feel reserved around a person you might have been great friends with them do not worry. These are just your instincts and people perception sharpening, something that will help you greatly later!

Being Attracted to Positivity

One of the psychic awakening symptoms is feeling attracted towards positive feelings and trying to run away from negativity. Some feelings might be very pronounced, for instance not wanting to stay in a room where people are arguing or where someone is complaining or backbiting about someone. Others might be subtle for instance wishing to leave a room without any apparent reason or wanting to stay with a person you might not very well. These are all psychic signs that help you draw positive forms of energy because all types of superpowers listed in Miracle Mastery, that you attempt upon doing, require positive forms of energy.

Avoiding Junk Food

This is one of the healthiest psychic awakening symptoms. You will feel yourself drawing away from unhealthy foods like junk food, fried food and opting for healthy options like fruits, lean proteins, vegetables among others. This is your body trying to clean up and get energy for the psychic abilities.

So if you begin to sense any such changes, or any of those mentioned further along Miracle Mastery, do not worry. In fact rejoice as these changes reflect your hard work!

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