Pyrokinesis and Firebending definition, training, techniques and exercises for beginners

Pyrokinesis and Firebending definition, training, techniques and exercises for beginners

Pyrokinesis definition and meaning

Pyrokinesis firebending definition and meaningPyrokinesis is the psychic ability which allows a person to create and control fire with the mind power. It is the skill set of being able to manipulate flames and in some cases, even create it. It is a specialized branch of telekinesis with which you can control one of the nature’s most non-tamable item, also known as fire bending. The person who is able to master this superpower is called pyrokinetic, pyromancer or firestarter.

While these fire powers is something nearly everyone dreams off these come with a slight bit of caution than other forms of telekinesis. This is one of the reasons why pyrokinesis training is often offered once you have learnt and mastered the art of telekinesis.

The danger mostly concerns the fact that we are trying to work with fire here. Fire manipulation is not only dangerous because of the potential to burn things and people, but may also require extra vigilance and concentration than regular telekinesis. So today, as I teach you some of the ways you can begin your pyrokinesis training, remember to take great care about your safety. So let’s start with the basics, with your beliefs.

Is pyrokinesis real ?

Is pyrokinesis power real

Your beliefs are highly important if you want to develop this psychic ability, just because everything is possible for the one who believes.  With other words you really must believe in this super ability and also believe in the fact that you can do it. Ask and it shall be given, never forget this line and always be careful for what you ask. Also be careful with your beliefs because what you believe will become your reality.

It has been made famous in several books and movies. The famous fire-making spell or the flames making a charm that J.K Rowling has used a number of times in various volumes of Harry Potter is nothing but Pyrokinesis.

Similarly, the Scorpion from Mortal Combat has been shown to be blessed with the power of producing flame through his hands. And so is the famous Leia Organa Solo of Star Wars.

How to control this psychic power with your mind is still a gray area as far as proof and evidence go. In fact, it is still not known whether this is scientifically possible. In fact, a common question often asked is, is Pyrokinesis evil and against God or Christianity. However, it is a practice, followed by many people across the world.

A few years back, news about a three-year-old girl emerged who lived in Iloilo City in the Philippines who could light up a fire out of nowhere by simply saying ‘Fire’. All she needed to do was to imagine burning something, and the object would burn by itself. This is not a phenomenon of first of its kind. In 1885, there was an African-American man called A William Underwood, who lived in Paw Paw, Michigan who was also believed to be a firestarter.

How to do and learn pyrokinesis – fire bending in real life

How to develop pyrokinesis - fire bending in real life

 Commonly known as ‘Fire Power’, many people desire to have Pyrokinetic powers, but few are able to master it. Since we are dealing with a dangerous activity here, Pyrokinesis has to be practiced with more caution than most other forms of telekinesis. This is the reason why in many cases training for Pyrokinesis is given only after you have learned and mastered the art of telekinesis.

People often ask me how long does it take to learn Pyrokinesis. Well, my answer is, it varies from person to person. Practice makes a person perfect and this is true in this case too.
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Fire manipulation is dangerous. We all know what fire is capable of, don’t we? Hence, practicing Pyrokinesis deserves an extra amount of vigilance and concentration. Before I tell you ways to train yourself in this art, I would strongly recommend keeping a keen eye on your safety.

Who doesn’t want to be the superhero with fire powers? But, Pyrokinesis is not an art to be mastered overnight. Being a pyromancer is not an easy task. To obtain this superpower, you need continuous practice, meditation techniques, and extreme concentration. You can easily achieve a deep stage of concentration by simply using nootropic substances. Developing Pyrokinetic abilities and learning how to get fire powers in real life involves controlling your mind and energy flow. The key lies in focusing on what you want the flame to do.

Pyrokinesis training , techniques and exercises for beginners

Pyrokinesis firebending training techniques and exercises for beginners

Now, let me tell you how you can train yourself to manipulate fire and even make a fire with your mind. The following will help you how to firebend in real life step by step.

1. Relax Yourself

When beginning pyrokinesis, it is extremely important to be in a deep relaxed state. Make sure you have eaten well, are not hungry or tired as this will require your strength and time.

2. Start Small

As with other beginner trainings, we always start with the smallest objects. Bending flames with the mind is not an easy task. By small I mean a really small flame like a matchstick. Light the matchstick and put it on a holder away from you to avoid getting burnt. Now focus all your concentration on the flame. Your aim is to blow it out before it goes off by itself. Keep looking at it till this is done. This is not an easy thing to do. You may not be successful in the first few attempts. Don’t get disheartened.  Continue working until you reach this stage. Fortune helps a stubborn mind.

3. Light a candle a with your mind

how to Light a candle a with your mind pyrokinesis

Once you learn putting out a matchstick through your mind, we will progress to the next level. Now is the time to learn how to light a candle with your mind and how to put a candle out with your mind.  Again, make sure you are relaxed, energetic having had food and are well-rested. I do not want you to spoil your concentration by fidgeting or growing impatient and thus hamper your progress.

Put a candle in front of you and focus on its wick. Slowly, in your mind, dissect the wick into its smaller parts, separating it into individual threads, the threads into strands, and then the strands into small spheres representing the wick. Now imagine them to be glowing brightly, as though they are on fire. Work backwards now, imaging the spheres to be glowing, slowly cumulating into strands and then into threads all glowing together. Finally becoming the wick glowing brightly and being lit up with fire! Again, this will require multiple attempts and time so be patient and practice a lot. Techniques and exercises inspired from Miracle Mastery pdf.
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As explained earlier, honing fire bending skills is no child’s play. While practicing the above steps, I recommend taking the help of nootropic substances which can help in improving your brain power. Our brain operates at 10% of its capacity. Imagine what you can do if your brain power increases to a certain extent. There are pills available today made from a special formula created by years of research. These pills increase your brain capacity to a large extent enabling you to master these capabilities. Not just that. These pills can help you perform your daily activities more efficiently. You will see benefits in the daily chores of life, office work or even studies.

The above instructions are very basic, only the tip of the iceberg. However, consider these as the foundation stone to more complicated practices. I will be providing a complete guidance on advanced levels of Pyrokinesis with detailed techniques and exercises in the following articles. Keep a watch on this space for fire bending lessons and training and also explain to you the dancing flame exercise. Until then, practice hard on these points and work your way slowly towards so you progress and can effortlessly perform fire manipulation. Good luck!

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