Real Life Superpowers and How To Get Them

Real Life Superpowers and How To Get Them

Superpowers are available and you can get them!

Be the best version of you! You have Superpower Potential.

First of all,  psychic abilities don’t have a proper definition that makes them rank as superhero abilities. They could be loosely defined as the ability to do something that is not ordinary.

Therefore real life superpowers are not as lavish as those exhibited by Superman or Batman ( if being a billionaire genius can be considered a super power) in the movies, but they can still be very intriguing.

People often have two questions when they inquire about life psychic abilities. Of course, the leading question would be: “What are real life superpowers and how can I get them?” The answer to the first part of this question would be that these psychic abilities include levitation, telekinesis, clairvoyance and clairaudience, among many others.

As for the second part, you may get these abilities. There are several ways you can get started becoming super powerful!

1. Training your brain to think outside the box to get real life superpowers

I will write down some of the best ways to train your brain. There are numerous and the possibilities to do it are unlimited depending on each one of us.
Bring your memory to the next level.

This is done by following some easy steps like:

  • Eating what is right
  • Sports
  • Playing games like sudoku or chess.

Training everyday with a pack of cards ( shuffled ) to try to memorate all 52 of them in the right order. There are many ways to train and exercise in remembering the exact order of card but mostly try to do it by associating cards with people, things and actions. I will make a detailed article about this because the readers keep asking me to do it. There I will explain the systems about remembering cards and how you can improve your memory by training into this.

Try do to something different everyday. This involves walking to the destination on a different road, eating food that you haven’t eaten before. If you are a right handed try to put the fork in your left hand or when you’re washing your teeth use the toothbrush with left hand. This will help the brain creating new pathways between neurons.

Learn something you don’t know … something that is new for you. You can start by learning a new language. This way your brain will learn new ways of thinking and a different way to express yourself. Another example is learning a new dance … or just learning to dance, in case you don’t know.

Try a brain training program. The internet is abundant in all kinds of brain training programs. On the other hand there are Natural made brain supplements like AlphaLevo IQ. This powerful nootropic substances will highly increase your brain’s capacity to absorb and memorize information at a much faster rate.

Resolve this puzzle to see if you are able to think out of the box. Do not read the article further until you found a way to connect the 9 dots, from the picture bellow, with four straight lines without taking your pen of the paper. Leave a comment if you found the answer (don’t google it).
get superpowers training
Do sports. You may ask what sports have to do with your brain. When you train your body you also train your brain. First of all sport removes stress and a brain affected by stress can’t function right. 30 minutes a day it’s all you need to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Eat right. Brain, as well as the rest of the body needs vitamins. You can find these vitamins in fruits, vegetables and so on. Also fish should be included at least 2 times a week for its powerful Omega 3. Don’t forget about dark chocolate. When you eat chocolate the brain produces dopamine that help you learn faster and have more detailed memories. Not to mention it contains flavonol and antioxidants that help your brain functions.

Share more time with the loved ones. Spending time with your family and friends by talking with them regularly will help you think more clearly and your general mood will be reach high levels. In other words if you want optional cognitive functions you need to have a strong relationship in your life with your loves ones.

2. Choose your Real Life Superpowers! Be a New Superhero!

Among the several abilities, such as psychokinesis, cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, and astral projection, the first thing you must do is choose the super power you want. Of course, one would prefer multiple skills and we should all dream big! However, it is advisable to take it slow, and stay focused on just one ability at a time.

Below you will find a list with most wanted super powers. Choose your preference and set your mind on it. To help you choose your preferred ability, check out our articles and get an in-depth view.

3. Research Your Real Superpower

Now that you know which ability you would want to get started with, do your research. When we say research, we mean to look up what this power entails and means.

Understand its scope and what you will be able to do by the end of learning this power. Thorough detailed information is provided about these topics throughout my website so you can get started.

Having a prior knowledge about these real-life superpowers will help you learn about them. This way you are able to practice these powers faster and more efficiently. As mentioned before you can find all the relevant information for every superpower on the list that I mentioned earlier.

4. Relax! Just Relax!

When you begin to follow our step by step guides on this website about getting real life superpowers, it is necessary for you to relax your mind. You should become peaceful.

If you have followed the first two steps in knowing what superpower you want to unleash. If you trained your brain to think out side the box with or without any external help like natural nootropic supplements, you will know how to enter into a deep state or relaxation.

This helps you connect to your inner strength and conditions your body and mind toward accepting and opening to the superpower much more easily so you can attain your goals. All these relaxation techniques help you master your superpowers more efficiently.

It has been proven that proven natural nootropic substances will help you decrease your stress level, clear your mind and achieve a deep state of relaxation so you can maximize your superpower results!

5. Practice – Practice Makes Perfect!

How do you get superpowers in real life? You may not like the actual answer, but it doesn’t happen overnight, even with the help of nootropic supplements that increase your brain capabilities. You may ask why I mention so often of the thinking outside the box and next level of thinking.

The answer can be resumed to only few words: superpowers are gained when you are aware of what is happening inside and outside you. Only through practice and pure force of will can you be able to master and perform these superpowers you desire set forth under any circumstances.

To master any form of superpower, it is essential to practice. After enough practice, you will eventually be able to perform the task in an effortless manner.
If it gets to the situation that you find yourself running short of time and facing stress, practice helps you ignore these shortcomings and perform well.

Using brain supplements your focus and concentration will dramatically increase, and your memory will be greatly enhanced.

All of these will help you improve functioning in your daily life, too. Finally, how to get superpowers is all a matter of your will and your own efforts. Only you can steer yourself in the direction towards the result you desire through how much you try and how hard you are willing to work.

Therefore, you should work hard and keep practicing. This is not an easy task . You have to be very determined and persevering! NEVER GIVE UP if you want ULTIMATE RESULTS!

So if you want something bag enough, you can accomplish it! Work hard and don’t let anything stay between you and your dream. Start working on your power now!

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NOTE: This article reflects your way to follow the road in achieving the superpower/superpowers you chose and those superpowers can be found in the list I mentioned at the 1st paragraph. There are small pictures with each superpower you can get. If you are unsure or the information is unclear for you, you can post a comment at the bottom of the article and I will gladly clear your mind.

Real Life Superpowers and How To Get Them pills


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Superpowers are available and you can get them! Be the best version of you! You have Superpower Potential. First of all,  psychic abilities don't have a proper definition that makes them rank as superhero abilities. They could be loosely defined as the ability to do something that is not ordinary. Therefore real life superpowers are not as lavish as those exhibited by Superman or Batman ( if being a billionaire genius can be considered a super power) in the movies, but they can still be very intriguing. People often have two questions when they inquire about life psychic abilities. Of course,…

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  • Jirah Day

    please im so interested at this all tasks or ways to changel ife or to make my life better. can u please teach me more of it beacause i cant understand some of the deep english words. can u teach more specific or strategy please?! ill wait for your answers.

    i believe in it

    • you have all you need on this website Jirah. What would you like to learn?

  • James Koepp

    I only have one power and its invisiblity

    • try to take advantage, can you shows a video with your super power?

    • AnimeL0ver123

      HOW THO

  • Fantaisa

    What about animal control? I’ve always felt a deep connection with animals, and they’ve always seemed quite comfortable with me.

    • you can control animals and humans too, have you tried to control a dog or something like this ?

      • Fantaisa

        I’m not sure how I would try though…

  • AnimeL0ver123

    does the electric one hurt?

  • AnimeL0ver123

    how do i summon my spirit animal?

  • Jason Strong

    My name is ,,,,,, Well ill keep that to my self for a while. My first level power is to control my cells. That’s right. I can alter or rearrange the cells of my body to a degree.1, I can increase healing time. 2, I can make my self younger and much more handsome. Im fighting DNA on this one and its a see saw battle with this but im maintaining youth for longer.3 My Intelligence has gone through the roof. The knowledge I have about thought / emotion / relativity and causality is not written in books. The truth is…. If you want a power that no one has then you must look were know one looks. I am the only one on this planet whom holds 1 key to the greatest prize of all……. IMMORTALITY ……. think about this ….. I have the ability to control my cells . I can heal myself of most things very fast. And I have super human intelligence. I can solve complex problems, theres always a way!!! Most don’t wont the greatest prize for they don’t believe. if you believe that human have unlimited potential that let me Know. STEP 1

    • Have you tried to see the cells inside of your body? Psychic magnification effect, it’s seems that you have this power. I have read this CIA document about some experiments on people with this superpower, check here

      • Jason Strong

        Hi Shifter. That’s an interesting idea. Ive never tried to see inside my cells. That’s does have some interesting associations with human potential and discovery. One law of mind is : Focus determines reality. With out the right level of mental focus nothing of any super human achievement can be accomplished. Us humans have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. 35 – 48 thoughts per minute. That’s a lot of power. Most of which is going to waste. Miss using these thoughts ie humans have 25% negative 25% positive 50% neutral thoughts per day. No wonder mankind gets nowhere. Imagine controlling, managing and even better, deciding what thoughts come into mind. Then focusing that power to achieve the impossible!!!!! I do this every other day. But there is always a price. Another law of reality is the law of diminishing returns. And another is that the mind can only have one thought at a time. I have so much understanding of the human mind and its infinite potential. But I too have goals to work on, and need to perfect my power before spiting my focus. But when the time is right- maybe I will.

  • xXkittyXx

    Umm…. I really want a superpower but one of the websites say that mos heros come back from death, Jill yourself and come back.. easy!! Yeah… nah, not gonna do that! But can anyone tell me if any of this really works?? I really want electrokinesis and teleportation…


    hello my name is emo vampire and i want to have superpowers and i been dreams about it sences few months i want some superspowers that i like is to fly picking up things very strong and i want to have fire in hands and also i want to change my clothes to a emo and master clothes thats my dream