Real People With Telekinesis

Real People With Telekinesis

Real people with Telekinesis

A recent study reveals that human beings have paranormal powers which we are not aware of them, ignore or we don’t know how to use them.

Daryl Bem, a psychologist from Cornell University in New York, has conducted numerous experiments implying the human brain, but also its paranormal powers.

All over the world there are real people with telekinetic powers or who practice Telekinesis. But also there are people who claim they have telekinetic powers, but they didn’t.

Nina Kulagina was a woman who could move objects with her spirit. She was born in Leningrad in 1927. Soon after an incident when she was injured by an bombshell in the head, discovered that she can move objects around her with her mind. She declared that in order to activate these powers, she needed time to meditate. Nina Kalagina could read something written on covered paper with her fingers.

Dr. Polgar – the man who reads thoughts. He is a Hungarian lieutenant, a victim of a grenade explosion when he went unconscious. When he recovered, he discovered he had a mysterious ability to read people’s minds around him. In the hospital he kept telling the doctors and nurses what they were thinking about. Many psychologists tested him with different and numerous experiments to prove his abilities, and he passed them all. For example, he discovered with the power of his mind, the details of a false murder improvised as a test. One of the investigators was focused on some imaginary details of a murder.

Uri Geller is well-known for his abilities to bend metal objects by simply touching them or by the force of looking at watches he could stop them or even go faster. These types of psychokinetic effects were named by specialists “Geller effect”.

During his glorious times, in 1970, Geller use to demonstrate his paranormal abilities to bend metal and to read other people’s minds in public. Then he dedicated most of his time to private consultations, having only occasional public apparitions.

Ben Underwood – the man who sees without the eyes

He has leaned by himself echolocation in order to move himself in his environment. Echolocation is specific to bats, but is also possible for people, especially for those who are blind. It takes a lot of time to be learned and to improve the sensitivity for the reflected sound. It is a technique which should be learned in time, you don’t get born with it. Ben Underwood lost his both eyes when he was 3 years old when he got retina cancer. Now he uses echolocation every day of his life with success.

Liew Thow Lin – magnetic man

He is a retired man, 70 years old from Malaysia who was a truly sensation in his village after he pulled a car for 20 m with his magnetic power. He is well-known for his magnetic abilities (spoons and forks stick to his chest and arms, also ironing machines), he stuck a big metal plate on his chest, hanging on a hook with a chain on it and pulled a car for 20 m.

There were some of the real people with telekinesis very popular around the world, but there were many other people claiming they have different types of paranormal abilities.

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