Telekinesis Definition, What is Telekinesis

Telekinesis Definition, What is Telekinesis

Telekinesis Definition

Telekinesis definition to be precise is the use of one’s capability to influence the physical system around us, initiating movement of objects or changes in their shape, all without any physical contact. To elaborate further, everything around us possesses some form of energy, it could be kinetic force if it is moving, electromagnetic energy from the electrons within every object or from the Earth’s own magnetic field, heat power based on its temperature and very simply the gravitational potential force which exists in everything on this Earth as gravity pulls everything down to the centre of the earth. It is this very power which is harnessed by people who practice psychokinesis.

Telekinesis is thus focusing the power into controlling objects and having your control over them. For instance, if an object, let’s say a pen, is lying on the table, it possess gravitational potential force and has electromagnetic impulses both, each is a type of force and a telekinetic merely uses his abilities to convert these powers of the objects into kinetic power as he makes them move. This is in accordance with the law of conservation of energy and thus very practical.

If you have read the physics behind energy, or the laws of conservation of energy then you would know the ever famous law, ‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.’ Keeping this law in mind, something that has been widely accepted and approved by all men of science, something that we see being demonstrated every day. For instance when we catch a ball, it is surprising to see people being unable to understand telekinesis.

What Is Telekinesis ?

If you were to ask me ‘ What is telekinesis ?’, I would simply put it as the ability to move objects with just a thought. Sounds too good to be true, does it not? Well, it is actually true. It also goes by the name of Psychokinesis, and it’s history goes back to as far as the year 1890 when a Russian researcher by the name of Alexander Nikolayevich Aksakov first invented the name based on his findings.

While you may read about several fraudulent telekinetic people or seen this being possible only in movies or the television, it is actually very possible to do in real life. Of course it requires you to learn how to carry it out as it is true with all other skills in the world but trust me it is not impossible to carry out. It requires great concentration of the mind and strong focus as this is force of the universe that you are dealing with. It is a miracle you can master, hence the term Miracle Mastery

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