Telekinesis Exercises for Beginners Real Telekinesis Training

Telekinesis Exercises for Beginners Real Telekinesis Training

Telekinesis Exercises for Beginners Real Telekinesis Training

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects without touching them physically and merely with the mental strength to concentrate. As the ability to perform TK is absolutely free from any physical requirements, physically handicapped people can also do telekinesis and a lot of times perform way better than others.

The truth about psychokinesis is that it requires a strong mind,  great focus and practice. Your brain is a very powerful tool that you can use it at your own will. Of course you can upgrade this tool by exercise your mind with logic and strategic games, reading books, memory exercises, and the list is long. Brain enhancers will help you walk trough this more easily.  While you will not be tossing cars around or lifting up skyscrapers but will be able to do movements of small objects just by your concentration on them. So to help you develop TK, here are a few telekinesis exercises for beginners.

Psi wheel or a round pen/pencil

One of the basic exercises to develop telekinesis is concentration exercises. Most of the people cannot concentrate more than 20 seconds. This can be accounted to many substances like soy protein, corn protein or other forms of Monosodium Glutamate hamper our neuronal activity in unknown ways of that part of the brain which helps us to concentrate.

Telekinesis exercises help to build that part of the brain stronger and make it grow which helps us to concentrate and feel the energy of objects and later compare them with our own energy field.
Telekinesis Exercises for Beginners Real Telekinesis Training supplements
You can start with a psi wheel, keep it upright and stable in right in front of you. Or you can use a round pen or pencil. Just make sure that the pencil that you have selected to be put in front of you should be absolutely round with no cap or clip that’d hamper its tele-movement.

You can look at it with eyes closed or eyes open, sit in a comfortable position and spot, stay relaxed and try to visualize the energy field of the object and concentrate on its characteristics.

Astral projection

This might seem tough in the beginning but it is one of the very important telekinesis exercises for beginners. However, it should not be performed for more than 15 minutes in a single setting as the person might start to lose control after fifteen minutes of successful or unsuccessful astral projection episode.

In this exercise, you have to close your eyes and imagine yourself to be somewhere else rather than your current practical surrounding at that instant. Try to slip yourself into a dream state and then inhibit this astral projection by a pre-decided action of hand or anything else.

Force exercises

Force is the main part of telekinetic powers being brought to life. You are supposed to have as strong emotion, and channelize that emotion after intensifying it in front of your mind’s eye.

Popular exercises to work on your telekinetic force include the above mentioned and the others are like to look at a paper and try to turn its edges. Once, you are successful in turning around paper edges then go for the ultimate bending of the spoon.

Keep practicing and you will be able to master telekinesis easily!

Telekinesis Exercises for Beginners Real Telekinesis Training pills
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