How to Do Telekinesis Fast And Easy

How to Do Telekinesis Fast And Easy

How to do telekinesis fast and easy

Telekinesis is the human brain’s ability to interact with any other material. But this is one small part of what you can do with this power. If you want to learn how to do telekinesis fast and easy, this is your chance!

Be convinced that telekinesis is possible!

These are a few psychokinesis exercises you can do in order to learn how to do telekinesis:

  1. PSI Wheel – you can built it from a piece of paper which should look like a pyramid and spin freely on the top of a needle.
  2. Push-Pull method – this is the next step in developing your telekinetic abilities. Its purpose is to develop these abilities by developing your imagination.
  3. Pen Roll method – for this method you need a pen with no straight edges and a table. Place the pen on the table and try to push or drag it towards you. After mastering these commands, place yourself differently with the pen in order to push it on the right or on the left.
  4. Bending spoons or forks with the power of your mind – in order to perform this ability, bending metal, you have to be very good at the precious methods. Even so, it will take a while before you succeed. Be patient and perseverant. Try to relax, focus as much as you can, free your mind from other thoughts, be one with the spoon/fork and then you can bend it.

These are the most important exercises and steps you can follow in order to learn how do telekinesis fast and easy.

Concentration is the most important key-factor in learning how to do psychokinesis. Concentration can be practiced anytime when you are very relaxed. When you got to a high level of relaxation, you can move to another level, which is meditation. You can start doing this type of exercise every day for ten minutes, and later for 30 minutes if it is possible.

There are many progressive steps involved in reaching a high level of concentration abilities. First of all, you have to be completely relaxed.

For example:

  1. Sit on a chair, close your eyes, count from 100 to 0, 10 times in a row.
  2. Close your eyes, choose a word and repeat that word as much as you can. If a different word comes into your mind, start again.
  3. Choose an object and spend 10 minutes examining it. Focus your mind on that specific object, study and memorize all its details. Then close your eyes and try to remember the object and all the details as if you can easily touch it.

The objective of these exercises is to maintain your conscious totally clear for some moments. Learning how to do these exercises might take you weeks of practicing. These types of exercises are very important in learning how to do telekinesis.

It is very important to practice these exercises every day, for e few weeks in order to improve your telekinetic abilities. Being perseverant, focused, relaxed and very determined are the key factors in order to develop your capacities in learning how to do telekinesis fast and easy.
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