Telekinesis Training For Beginners

Telekinesis Training For Beginners

Telekinesis training for beginners

A lot of us would love to have superpowers, won’t we? So when we talk about learning telekinesis, it  makes a lot of ears go up because this is exactly like having a superpower. Luckily for us, TK does not involve you getting bit by a poisonous spider or to be an alien or to extraordinarily rich as most superpowers do. Psychokinesis is a form of art that you may learn very conveniently anywhere you want to.

Telekinesis training for beginners begins with small steps that you might be also using in your daily life either ways.

The first part of TK training is to understand the basis of this psychic power, the functioning of it because that will help you channel your efforts accordingly. Telekinesis works by and large mostly on our consciousness, our concentration. Since psychokinesis involves bringing your own energy and the universal energy into harmony, it is through hard concentration and good focus that one is able to practice TK effectively.

So for starters, learn to concentrate on an object for at least 2-3 minutes, it could be anything you want a wall, a pen, paper etc. Once you feel you can concentrate on an object for this long without any drift in thoughts or distractions, gradually proceed to 5 minutes and then so on until you are comfortable with 10 minutes. A great tool to help beginners learn how to concentrate is to meditate. Meditation involves the same basic principles as psychokinesis training does; one has to zone out of everything else and concentrate only on one’s self.

The second step in telekinesis training for beginners is to learn how to channel their energy, their emotions to the object in mind. When you are focusing on the object, keep the command clear in your mind. For instance if you want a pencil to just simply roll, keep focused on the pencil and keep a chant or thought mentally going in your mind like ‘Roll over, roll over.’

This will not only let you focus but also help move the object just by your will. It is recommends for beginners to start with small, light objects particularly those that can roll over. This is because these would be easiest to move and one must start with the easiest to progress to more difficult steps.

Last but not the least, have faith in yourself and keep practicing. One of the most common reason as to why telekinesis training for beginners might be unsuccessful is because we fall prey to other people’s criticism or jokes because they themselves do not believe in this psychic power. To believe is to be powerful on its own.

If only you believe, you will find the power to move mountains so psychokinesis is just the beginning. Keep practicing and be patient. You can not expect any training to yield results in one day, so be persistent.

So start small today, with Telekinesis Training for Beginners,take small baby steps as we say. Concentrate and channel your energy. Keep practicing and have faith because if you won’t, who will?

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