Telepathy Techniques and Exercises – Telepathic Communication

Telepathy Techniques and Exercises – Telepathic Communication

Telepathy definition – meaning – define thought transference

Telepathy definition meaning define thought transferenceWhat is telepathy or telepathic ? Have you ever felt something about someone and it actually came true? This happens with everyone at some point or the other. This is called Telepathy, wich is a psychic ability, a superpower. It’s a greek word, tele=distant and pathos or patheia= feeling, perception. It is a well-known phenomenon where one mind communicates telepathically with another mind with the help of extrasensory means.

Is telepathy real?

So, is it real? If I am asked to define, in short, I would say, it is nothing but thought transference. Telepathy is the way of transporting information from one person to another without the use of any of the known sensory channels or a physical interaction. It is the process of receiving thoughts or feelings from another person located at a distance with the use of extrasensory perception or ESP.

The term was coined way back in 1882. Although such experiments have been criticized for a long long time due to repeatability and lack of controls and there is no convincing evidence that it exists, however, psychometry does have a basis and there are enough examples to make it a topic of extensive research. The phenomenon happens more between people who are intimate or share a close relationship, lovers. It happens regularly among twins as they can sense each other’s feelings, even if they are located miles apart.

It is a proven fact that such kind of communication can happen between two people. In fact, there are people who can communicate telepathically with animals. The concept originates from the belief that all living beings originate from the same source which is called as a spiritual source by some, as a natural source by some and as a universal force by others.

Who has telepathic powers – who can do telepathy?

Is telepathy real Who has telepathic powers or telepathy

Everyone has telepathic powers, everyone has it in them. However, not many people know how to use it or how to communicate in a telepathic way. Skepticism, societal norms or lack of awareness is often the main reasons for people not to use it.

However, some cultures openly acknowledge telepathic communication. For example, the Japanese culture has a specific word to describe the bonding between lovers, soulmates which is borne out of a telepathic connection.

Telepathic communication

Telepathy power Telepathic communication

How does a telepathic communication work? If you are a sender and want to project a message telepathically, start by visualizing the recipient in details. Picturise the person, imagine that the person is standing right in front of you. In fact, you can also imagine that you are talking on the phone.

The receipt of communication, on the other hand, is done in the form of feelings, emotions, images, desires and thoughts. Some people can even communicate while dreaming.

There are specific terms for communication received through specific channels. Clairvoyance is receiving messages in a visual form, Clairaudience is when you hear the inner voice, while clairsentience is when you feel something. Paracognition is the term used when you instantly know something.

It is also possible to block someone from telepathically communicate with you. All you have to do is imagine that you are locking a door in your mind for that person. This is easier said than done. Requires a lot of hard work, especially if you are already tuned into the other person’s emotions.

Benefits of telepathy – psychic power

There are several known benefits. When you connect with another human being, you are actually communicating at a high level and thus the level of understanding between you and that person goes up manifold. This can improve relationships to a great extent.

While communicating telepathically with animals, you can also establish a greater understanding with them. You can understand the requirements of your pet, who cannot communicate verbally unlike humans. Animals can also sense danger before humans and this can help you protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances.

The good thing is that it is efficient, yet free. It is environment-friendly and can be done irrespective of the location of either of the parties. Suppose you have to communicate urgently with someone in a remote location where internet connection or mobile phone is not available, telepathy can help you breach the gap without being dependent on external means.

This mode of communication is often considered more accurate than other forms of communication because through this way, you can communicate abstract thoughts. While spoken languages are more appropriate for exchanging lower frequency information which is linear in nature, telepathy is the communication which breaks the language barrier.

Through telepathy, a larger amount of information can be exchanged than that of present methods of communication. As the spectrum of data is growing continuously, this way of communication provides a new method of communication.

How to use telepathy – how to be telepathic

How to be telepathic, telepathy training techniques exercises

Now, let me come to the thing that everybody wants to know, how to practice telepathy. Well, this is not something that you can master overnight. You need to give yourself telepathy training if you are a beginner, it needs many years of practice, techniques and exercises and also a lot of patience, focused concentration, mind power and strong beliefs.

Before moving on to how to master telepathy, let me tell you what are the psychic abilities that you can master:

Apart from the above, there are other psychic abilities as well. All you need is a strong mind for opening the doors to perception.

Now let me tell you how to do telepathic communication. People who are interested in the subject often seek answers to questions such as how to use telepathy to attract someone, how to do telepathy with someone far away, how to send telepathic messages/thoughts to someone or how to make someone think of you telepathically.

Telepathy training – techniques and exercises

1.Prepare: First, you need to prepare yourself for telepathy. To begin with, you need to believe that it can be done. Both the sender and the receiver should have an open mind to telepathy. Next, you need to prepare yourself to detach yourself from the rest of the world as well as your own physical body. This will help you focus the thought into sending or receiving the message. Stretch your body and muscles and start meditating. Telepathy can be done only in a calm state of mind.

2.Transmit: If you are new to telepathy, I suggest sitting in front of each other for sending and receiving messages. Once you are used to doing the same, you can then transmit messages located far away. Next, close your eyes and visualize the receiver or the sender. The image of the person should clearly reflect in your mind. Slowly, you will feel a connection between each other. If you are the sender, visualize the message that you want to send and then transmit the message. If you are the receiver, remember you are being engaged in mind reading. Concentration is crucial.

3.Stop: While you are sending messages, it is important to know when to stop as well. While transmitting, there will be a moment, when you will get the feeling that the thought has been a successfully feeling. This is a feeling that you will surely get. Once you get this feeling, know that the work has been successfully done. The movement of the message can take any time between few seconds to several minutes. However, if even after 15 minutes, you do not get this gut feeling, I suggest you abandon the experiment and try again later. Post 15 minutes, your mind would be exhausted, so chances are that the message will not be communicated.

Develop your mind – brain to do telepathy

Develop your mind – brain to do telepathy

For developing this kind of psychic ability, high levels of concentration and focus is required. Mind training is the main factor that can help you communicate telepathically. We normally use only 10% of the capacity of our brain. For communicating with someone through the sixth sense, you need to use more capacity of the brain.

But how will you use your brain to the fullest capacity when all your life 90% of your brain has remained idle? Take the help of products which can help your brain attain a full potential and more, can help you exceed your goals. Through psychic supplements, it has been found out that these brain enhancers are safe to use and help increase memory and focus.
Telepathy telepathic communication supplements
These supplements contain natural extracts which boost the potential of the brain. They help you develop a much stronger and powerful brain. You will see that you are able to concentrate more on your daily chores be it professional or educational or simple household chores. Often called as study drugs, these pills have proven effect in improving the memory and focus of students. With the consumption of these supplements, you will not only see changes in your telepathic abilities, you will also see improvement in the general quality of life.

A few important telepathy tips

Finally, let me give you some final tips for a successful telepathy. Firstly, keep your experiment short. 15 minutes or less is an ideal time for the exercise. Any time period more than this will bring boredom and fatigue. Having a high level of energy is an essential thing. Next, have patience. Like everything else in life, you need to be patient to achieve results. You might not get much of a result initially. However, keep practicing. You will find results sooner or later. Finally, believe that you can succeed, stay away from skeptics. Skeptics will only sidetrack you, put doubt in your mind and dampen your spirits. Show them it works with your results and accomplishments. Don’t get discouraged. Staying with positive, like minded people will help a lot.

With practice and a little bit of help from supplements, you can not only master this technique but also bring about a change in your lifestyle. Imagine the things you can achieve when your brain develops super powers and functions at a higher capacity than everyone else. Article source: Miracle Mastery review.

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